Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Daddy, NO!

While Daddy was looking at this website - and he thought... how nice if he could get it for us at home... Hehehe... I was here thinking... NO Daddy. You are getting the wood crate furnitures - but no, it is not really for us... you will be using that for your own good more... I still prefer TREATS as presents, all the time!!! Dont get me wrong - these crate furnitures look really good, and it suits a perfect purpose! Just that - I still prefer treats.... hahaha... but I think I could sleep in there, while at the same time, it could fit perfectly well in the living room too!

My Birthday was a good one - and I am right now a 2 years old boy!!! =) 

So, as Daddy puts it - Perry has been the darling of the family. Hahaha Daddy, I think you are pretty good too... hahaha... but still 2nd to me!!! And no, I have not BEEN a super spoilt brat, in fact - I have been a rather good boy and I am always in my best behaviour! I do bring plenty of joy and cheers to the family. When I was born, I became the all new prince of the house... or sometimes, the King of the house... =) No Daddy... that is NOT true. I have been KING since Day ONE. 

So... what should Daddy get me for my birthday?


Daddy was thinking of the stuffs that they have at wooddogcrate.com - something that is ideal for the house, as well as for me and Ally. Take a look at the site - if you are looking to find a great home for your dog and do not want to sacrifice design, then you can seriously consider dog crate furniture. Dog crate end tables allow you to incorporate your dog's dwelling into your living space while improving the look of your living area. 

I do agree - they do look nice, and look even nicer when I am inside hehehe... Wire and plastic crates are useful when crate training, but they are not the best long term solution for your dog if you want them to be a part of the family and spend time where you and your family spend time. 

Daddy thought, "... with these dog crate furniture, I could be putting his treats and doggie biscuits on top, while he patiently rests and sleeps at the bottom.... hahaha... an ideal add-on, isnt it?" No Daddy - you think you can outsmart me... but truth is... I am smarter than the average Miniature Schnauzer!

Since it is my birthday today, I am the KING of the house. Daddy says I have already done most of that already - I conquer his bed, his chair, his sofa.... and pretty much anything that belongs to him hahaha... That is so true.... So... what do you give a boy who just turn 2 years old? 

Hahahaha he did give me plenty of treats!!!! 

The Extremely PHOTOGENIC Schnauzer. =P

To sum it all up - I admit, I am just such a cute little fella. A rather misunderstood Miniature Schnauzer who is so smart and intelligent and adorable - but many think I am just a showoff. Hahahaha.... Daddy compares me to grandpa Uncle - I would say... the cuteness and adorabubblelicious runs in the genes!!!!! 

Happy Birthday to meeeeee!!! =P

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ally: My Story.

Good morning!!! =)

Today, I am going to take over the blog from Perry for a bit - there has been too much Perry of late in here, in our Instagram, our Tumblr... well, there is just too much of Perry. Today, I would like you all to focus a bit more on the cute one in the family... MYSELF of course!!! I still think that I am amongst the cutest Miniature Schnauzers around - and I pride myself to be the most lovable doggie at home. 

Daddy read on www.dogtrainingcollars.com that they have this dog bark collars that are able to train dogs well, of which it is able to detect the dog's barking and respond with a stimulated correction - to communicate that the barking is undesirable, and will be punished. Well, they have plenty of these products and are able to be used to train dogs for many different purposes - including hunting, sporting, and of course, companion dogs too! Wont that be so useful for a naughty one like Perry? Hehehe...

This is me and my Daddy.
I am the darling of the family! I may be small sized, maybe a little timid... haha.. but truth is, I am indeed the darling of the family and everyone at home loves me to bits! Daddy says that I am a very good doggie - I would like to think that he has been a good Daddy, so I would be good to him too. Daddy pampers me a lot. He takes me out for walks, drives in the car, gives me plenty of treats, and I sleep next to him every night.

At this moment, Perry does a very sarcastic yawn.... 


"Ally, if you were indeed the good one, then why are you so small, and why am I so much bigger than you? I am obviously more loved, thats why I get all the food and treats!"

Actually, that is NOT entirely true. When I was still a puppy, I was already a very small puppy. I was the youngest of the litter, and I was almost half the size of Fatty when I was born. Daddy said that my food intake would be moderated so that I would be healthy.... and hence, I was a little small sized. But HEY!!! This is the IDEAL Miniature Schnauzer size!

Us being superstars.

Whenever I meet Daddy's friends, everyone would love to carry me around, pat me on my head... but importantly, I was able to mingle around with everyone and all the visitors - unlike Perry, who would be a nuisance and would be disturbing all the other doggies. 

"BLEK!!! That is SO NOT ME!!! I am going to hide myself now...."

Hahaha... that is very typical of Perry. He may look like the huge guardian at home, but the truth is, he is quite a chicken when it comes to outsiders and visitors. He would be barking non stop, and then he would be hiding himself here and there... 

Alright... here is just a little introduction of me.... I will be back with more!

"Ally, I do not know what you have been drinking... but the Perry that you described, is certainly not me."

Perry continues to add on, "Just you wait!!!"

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am Perry.

Daddy says that I bark a lot. Well, he doesnt know what I do, or what I am up to. I admit, I am a very vocal guy, I like to open my mouth and say things... and well, it makes good sense that this website www.dogbarkcollar.com reminded him of me. Hehehe... I go around greeting and wishing everyone during the mornings, noons and nights. HE claims I bark so much - but imagine my Daddy going into a club... he'll probably do the same and shout out to all his friends!!! Okay okay.... so this Dog Bark Collars are a training aide to help you curb nuisance barking. 

Daddy says I bark so much so it is impossible to bring me out, let alone anyone visit the house. But what he does not realize is I am SOOOOO CUTE that Daddy gets all the female attention whenever he brings me out!

This is me, I am Perry.

Some people say I am annoying, some say I am irritating. Well, I do admit, I am a very alert puppy. In my defense to Daddy saying I bark at any random sound - come on... I AM A DOG. This is what I do. Especially Schnauzers. Miniature Schnauzers. This is WHAT WE DO. If I were to not bother and let all the sounds or people pass by, I would be quite a useless doggie, wont I? 

Together with my Aunty Ally, we are the Dynamic Duo - and we are all out to catch any burglars who tries to come into the house! I am NOT an attention seeker, but it does make sense to be in the limelight - after all, I am the cutest Miniature Schnauzer in the house!!!

At the time, Ally jumps in and says, "HEY!! That's not true! I am the CUTEST!"

Hahaha... yes yes Ally, whatever you say...

Like what everyone says, I am the super cute and greedy Miniature Schnauzer.... hahaha... well, name me a Schnauzer who isnt greedy? Hahahaha.... I admit, I have my ways around with humans, and they all enjoy patting my head and giving me back rubs and tummy rubs... hehehe... but the smack? Gggrrr.....

Sleeping is amongst my favourite pastime...

Every morning, I would jump all over Daddy and wake him up. In my defense, NO... I do not make girly screams or moans... that would so not be me... hahaha... I get my morning breakfast served to me in a platter, with a combination of treats, kibbles and sometimes even some chicken meat! I am definitely faster than Ally, in fact, I have not met another Schnauzer who is faster than me up and down the stairs! I would help Ally and Mindy finish their food too... well, they are rather slow... so it is indeed first come, first served.

The people around me enjoy eating, and because of that, I enjoy eating their food too! So dont blame me if I ask for my share of the treats during the day...

Perry the greedy one...

By evening, Grandma would be first to be home. She is my favourite human in the house after Daddy. Without fail, she does the cooking everyday, and I just need to sit down at the entrance to the kitchen, and she would be giving me some boiled chicken meat... 2nd helping is always compulsory because Grandma always has so much food to give me!!!

After dinner, Grandpa would be having his fruits in the living room. Well, he's always eating apples and pears and bananas... ahhh my favourite fruits!!! Apples would be my ultimate favourites, it is so juicy and crunchy!!! 

By night, Daddy would be home... well, he's always working and he's back so late... I wait up for him until I am hungry already, so it would be natural for me to ask for my supper treats! I may be getting a little overweight, but hey... I am still a small boy and still growing... I need the food!!!!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Story of Us.


Okay... today my Human Daddy wrote a very touching blog post on how he got grandpa, grandma... and then my Mummy... Aunty Ally.... oh well... the whole family. I have actually not met grandpa Uncle and grandma Stephy before - they went to the rainbow bridge long before I was born. I read there that this www.dogfencediy.com have some good solutions to keep your pets in your yard using wireless fences; something that may have prevented the accidents to happen.... but I guess it is all fate, but this fate has resulted in Daddy shouting at me whenever I go close to the edge of the garden or when I am running loose...  

Uncle - my Grandpa. 

So... according to Daddy, Uncle, with his stud name of Angletee Truly Sirius - is truly the most carefree and adorable Miniature Schnauzer ever - a trait that has been so prominent in him that the subsequent generations all carried along the trait. Uncle was very cheeky, and he would be disturbing and annoying every single other dog that he sees, be it a Rottweiler or a Chihuahua. Uncle was very greedy and he would sit at the entrance of the kitchen every morning and evening, waiting for my mum to give him some random treats. 

Hehehehe... for awhile I thought the description was for me... hahahahaha... =)


Well, a couple of months of getting Uncle, Uncle's girlfriend, also my Grandma - Stephy came along. Also known as Menghengken Rosy Girl - Stephy is by far the most obedient Miniature Schnauzer that is have ever known. I heard that Grandma Stephy is too good to be true, and too nice. I think I would prefer to inherit this trait instead.... hehehe... 

Stephy would demand for her daily tummy rubs and cuddles every morning. See Daddy! I dont do that!!!! I just wake you up! She is a very quiet, obedient and also super lazy... mmmm..... Stephy was also a very intelligent dog whereby she learns new tricks within four tries! Further to that, Stephy is also very vain - she's been spotted her staring at the mirror and admiring herself on many different occasions! Hahaha... Daddy says I got my laziness from Grandma Stephy...

Uncle and Stephy swimming in the pool...

So... Uncle and Stephy got together, and had three puppies, Fatty, Greedy and Ally. Ahhh that's my Mummy Fatty, Aunty Ally and uncle Greedy... Greedy was adopted though. Well.... Daddy says Fatty is much smarter than all of us - where she learns new tricks just by watching other dogs learn theirs! Ally on their hand, being the youngest of the litter, is half the size of Fatty.  Fatty got together with a friend's schnauzer called Reeve - and had one male puppy - Perry.

AHhhh time for ME!!!!!!!!!

The family portrait without me. 

Perry, yes, that is me... being the only child, and the youngest, is spoilt to the max by Fatty. Nahh... not really... He is a very cheeky and mischievous Miniature Schnauzer. Not really. Basically he inherited Uncle's cheekiness and cute looks, Stephy's laziness as well as Fatty's intelligence and loyalty. Good looks and cheeky... for sure. Lazy? Mmmm.... Define lazy. Intelligent? Of course!!!

This is ME in a BATMAN suit!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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