Monday, October 27, 2008

Palate Palette.

Today Daddy and Mummy decided to bring me out to a surprise place. I sat in the car alone with Daddy and Mummy for so long only reach wan - Mummy didnt wanna bring the other two cos they were too noisy and hostile, unlike ME :P

So, of course, the cute and cuddly me gets all the benefits of being Mummy's special girl. So I was the only one who tagged along.

"Hehe... me sitting with Mummy's LV bag."

"The place was somewhere near one of Daddy's other site wan."

"Oh... meet my friend Cou Cou too."

By the way, my friend Cou Cou is a very irritating little pug. Keep on dripping saliva and so noisy. Eeeesh...



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