Monday, July 26, 2010

My New Haircut!

Here's a little teaser...

Friday, July 23, 2010


I want to eat some.... Daddy PLS!!!!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mirror Image Monday.

The World Cup had just been over, so I thought I would do a cool Mirror Image Monday. Daddy supports both Spain and Holland - and it was just perfect that both went into the final. =)

This is what Iker Casillas - the Spain goalkeeper does.

Iker Casillas.

...and this is me, Fatty Casillas.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Schnauzermobile!!!

Check out our ride on the Schnauzermobile!!!

Anyone else wants a ride from us???

Fatty and Ally

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I made my mark here!!!

And so, this being one of my first beach getaway holiday, I wanted to do the same thing like what Scottie did at the beach. Making a mark =)

Eeeeee why did Ally photobomb me???

Anyways, here goes...


Going to the place where our friends went to! =)

And so, the place that we went to, was indeed Ruby's Resort. Apart from the humans, there were the four of us furkids who came here for holiday. My sister Fatty of course came along, together with Beemer, and then there was the little one called Alfie and yours truly. We stayed in quite a big room - and the room spelled A. C. A. C. I. A. I think it meant Acacia or something. Daddy says its a type of wood or plant. Hehe LOL.

The entrance to the room.

For my post, there will not be pictures of any doggies hehe. However, we want to show you who else came here before too!!!!!

Our new friend, Shalom...

We heard of this place from our other friend, Scottie. And we wanted to look for Scottie's note too. After searching high and low, Daddy decided to cheat and messaged Aunty Audrey for the location - her directions were not that good either LOL so we helped Daddy to find the spot...

And guess what... we found it!!!

See... the place is also endorsed by Shalom and Scottie!!!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Walking along the beach.

After Daddy had his breakfast on the first morning, he decided to take me, Fatty as well as Beemer for a little walk-walk at the beach. Beemer is actually very friendly, although he tried to steal our food, but we think he's a cool fella. Hehe. Fatty was being very excited, and she wanted to lead the way. Sorry for the little trick question this morning - it was really 3 schnauzers here + 1 little shih tzu too!

We met another schnauzer at the beach too.

Hey Daddy - can you not stop there??? We are not tired yet!!!

But after awhile, I got tired, so I slowed down while Fatty was still catching up with Beemer.

Our pawprints in the sand. So cute arent they?

Okay now back to the hotel... =P



Today's SPOT THE SCHNAUZER is brought to you by me.

Based on this new template design, can you spot us in the background? LOL...


Daddy, whatcha doing?

Still on our secret holiday...

We just got there, and then Daddy was persistent on checking out the sunrise. I was too =) I enjoy my walkies and zoomies, and I just tagged along with Daddy. The waves were really strong, and I made sure that I didnt go too close...

Ohh... I wonder what Daddy is doing...

Should I pose for a little picture for my Daddy?

Oh my.. half his legs are in the water already..

Daddy: Fatty... come to Daddy!! Come here...

Ohh no I wont! I'm not going to be conned to go into the water... let me run away first!


Spot The Schnauzers...

Heya all of ya.. last weekend we went off to a little secret place, quite far away I guess. Our next few posts will be with regards to the trip - so enjoy!!!

But first - lets see if you can SPOT THE SCHNAUZERS.

How many can you see?

Sunrise =)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pawty @ Sid's!!!

This Sunday - 11th of July 2010, from 1pm to 5pm - the SPCA Selangor Animal Shelter is organizing a casual afternoon charity gathering at one of our Daddy's favourite pubs, SID's. For everything on that day - 50% of proceeds will go to SPCA - so please do drop by and check it out!!! =)


Fatty & Ally

Wordless Wednesday.

(I went out for dinner with Daddy Mummy again...)


Friday, July 2, 2010

Spot The Schnauzer...

Now where's the cute little doggie in the picture....