Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fatty's Guide to Kuala Lumpur.

This post here is dedicated to JD and Max - pls get your humans to take a pen and take notes ok. We heard that JD and Max's humans are coming to Malaysia, and we also heard that they plan to stay at Novotel in Kuala Lumpur. We asked Daddy and Mummy about it - and Daddy thought that it would be a perfect place for them to stay there.

But just to make sure, I made Daddy bring me over to Novotel to find out more.

We parked outside Novotel, but had to cross the road...

Let me teach you all how to cross the road...

First, we look right...

And then look left...

Okay GO GO GO!! Its clear!!!

Daddy is really slow... mmmphhh!!!

Daddy Daddy!!! Novotel is HERE! Stop staring at those pretty ladies!!!

Mmm okay it looks alright from here; I cant go inside, so I guess I'll have to just smell the hotel from out here. Okay, I think we're good.

Come Daddy! Lets go!

Ohh, based on our knowledge of Novotel and its surroundings, we came up with a little sketch.

Just as you cross the road, thats Mummy's favourite place - PAVILION!

There's like Mont Blanc, Hermes, Gucci, Zegna, Versace, Bvlgari etc etc... Oh, and there's also Juicy Couture - where Daddy bought our new birthday collars!

This is also the place that Mummy recommends some of the better hairdressers and hair salons. (that would be another post altogether!)

...and then, cross the road, and you have Mummy's other favourite place; Daddy calls it Mummy's 2nd home.. hehehe LOUIS VUITTON and Starhill!!!

As you walk down the street, there's this place called LOT 10. For some upmarket gadgets and techie junks, this would be a good place to go to. There's like a very huge Apple store called Machines in here; and if you look closely, there's also this hairdresser called Toni & Guys, which Mummy says is pretty good too.

If you're looking for cheaper shopping, cross the pedestrian bridge over to Sungei Wang! Sungei Wang is connected to BB Plaza, and this place is HUGEEEE and is ALWAYS PACKED WITH PEOPLEEE!!!! If we're not mistaken, the ground floor is the place for cameras and so on, 1st and 2nd floor is for handphones, 3rd floor for computers and stuffs and the top floor is Daddy's personal favourite - the games floor. Daddy frequents this place for his favourite Xbox360 and Playstation 3 games! In fact, Daddy even bought his first PSP there! Along the way and in some of its lanes are some clothes boutiques...

An important note here is that - most of these places tend to overprice their products a bit, but is subject to some good negotiation for a good bargain!

At the back of it (note: still within walking distance of Novotel) is Low Yat Plaza. This is quite similar to Sungei Wang - but very specialized! There's a lot more computer and phone gadgets here - and same thing, you need to negotiate to get the best price!

Mmm... thats about all the shopping within walking distance I think...

Our Daddy and Mummy suggest that your humans do the above shopping - if they are not the overly nosy type, they could clear all that in a day... say from 10am right til 7pm... but then again, our Daddy could spend like hours in one place itself cos he just loves his gadgets!

Towards the night, and still within walking distance, just cross the road from BB Plaza is this street full of interesting local delicacies! Its called JALAN ALOR. Daddy and Mummy quite like this street here, as they are fans of various local food...

You can see the vast variety of food here...

There's more food...

And more food...

...and at the end of the street, is Mummy's favourite CHICKEN WINGS!

Oooo Mummy Mummy!!! Can we stop here for some chicken wings???

(JD and Max - I'll also be posting up a "Fatty's Guide to the Malay Language" for you all soon yeah...)

As the night gets later, your humans, being from the UK (and as Daddy puts it, he studied there and the UK people just love their cold beer!), there's a good variety of 'watering holes' round the corner...

...come to the road called TENGKAT TONG SHIN, and just gradually walk up the street and there's an array of bars and pubs, as well as a couple of clubs too for your enjoyment...

Okay, I think that pretty much sums up one day of travel and shopping... lets see what I can come up with for DAY TWO... hhehehe..


Monday, September 28, 2009

Mysterious Monday.

Hi... we've been reading Sasha's blog a lot, and she loves to play the Mysterious Monday, as compared to our Mirror Image Monday.. so, we thought, lets try it out..

Do you know what is this?

Hehehhe ohh... its actually ME!!!!

Here's the full photo...

Okay, we know its not exactly that mysterious, but its my first try. Hehehehe...


p.s. ohh, I just realized that Uncle Kenny @kennysia 's photo is in the background too! hehehe...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Learned a NEW TRICK Today!

Today's blog post is a very short one - but a very good one.

Today I followed Daddy home to Daddy's place - and I was feeling a little hungry. Daddy usually plays 'chase the ball' with me - but today, I learned something new! Its call 'Catch the Ball' - and the catch here is 'I caught them in midair!'

I think this is something that we all need to learn and master - so that we can all con and impress our Daddy and Mummy into giving us more TREATS!!! Hehehe...

So my fellow friends, watch and learn!

I did 12 catches consecutively in total.. hehehe...

Ooo.. I guess I felt a little full already, so reflexes dropped on the 13th bolo treat. Hehehee...


Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Very Special Dinner.

Ohh... Ally did a post on our dinner, so I thought, to appreciate Auntie Rachaelle's cooking, I need to do a personal post too! Hehehhee....

If you observe and compare Ally's portions and mine, I think mine has a lot more... hehehehe... Daddy loves me mORE!!!!

...and I didnt have to do any TRICKS!

I just asked... ehehe...

...and the food is served!!!

We're hoping that Mummy would get the recipe and then one of these days she try and cook it too... hehehe cos we think that the stew tasted SUPERB!!!

Hehehhe... paw licking good!!!


Nom nom nom...

Auntie's Special Chicken Stew.

As it was a very long weekend holiday, Daddy brought us all home - and whilst we enjoyed ourselves so much, we also had some very good dinners. Hehehehe... Auntie Rachaelle (Mummy to Tinkerbell, Goldie, Spotty, Mario and a whole loads of other anipals) cooked some special chicken stew for us...

It looked like this - and had to be shared amongst myself, Fatty and cousin Mindy...

And this was how it looked like in MY BOWL!

Okay, it wasnt my bowl, but I had to eat from this bowl though...

Daddy made me do some little tricks before I could enjoy the delicious stew..

mmm... nom nom nom.... yummmyyyzzz!!!

Carrots, Tomatoes and Chicken - it makes the BEST CHICKEN STEW COMBO!!! Hehehe... *grins*


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mooncake Festival!

Heya all!!!!!!!

Its the time of the year again!!!

The Malaysian Chinese community celebrates the Mid Autumn Festival, or more commonly known as the Mooncake Festival! And the highlights of this festival, apart from the lanterns and lots of candles and lights, is the MOONCAKES!!!!!

Fatty: .. and here we have a little mooncake from Uncle Kenny @kennysia from Concorde.

Ally: Isnt Concorde like some plane or something?

Fatty: I dont know, maybe these mooncakes can fly?

Ally: Oooo... I dunno about that, but I think it smells good and yummmyyzzz!!! AND ITS ALL MINE!!!

Ally: Mummy! Mummy!!! Can I have this all to myself???

Ally: There's no answer.. my guess is a YES!

Fatty: Ohh thats what you think... gggRrrrr...

Fatty: TAKE THIS!!!

...and TAKE THAT TOO!!!


Ahahahaha VICTORY IS MINE!!!!

Nom nom nom...
Fatty & Ally

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Arthur & His 250th Birthday.

Couple of days ago, Daddy and Mummy went out to our favourite restaurant, Sid's to meet up with their friends - sadly, they didnt bring us. Anyways, today's post is not so much related to us, but to our Daddy and Mummy.

At Sid's, they met up with Uncle Kenny @kennysia - or better known as 'Arthur Guinness' here.

Uncle Kenny was giving out tickets - some special tickets to some concert. And Daddy was in hand to answer some questions to win these tickets!!!

As a result, Daddy won!!! And he won two tickets - too bad he cant bring us along, otherwise it would be our first concert!

Ohh... what did he win?

VIP Passes to BLACK EYE PEAS!!!!

Anyways, we are wondering one thing... can you imagine if 250 years ago, Arthur Guinness actually had a Schnauzer instead of a Bulldog?

The old Guinness logo looked like this...

But if he had a Schnauzer, we think the logo would look very much like this!!




Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Birthday - The Final Part: The BIG SURPRISE!

Hehehe we apologize for the slight delay in posting up Part 5 of our great birthday celebration.. Daddy and Mummy had been super busy the past few days and even we did not get much 'going out' time with them. Anyways, without further ado, here's what happened during dinner...


Hungry stomachs will get hungrier..

hence, I suggest you eat a full meal before reading on.

..and so, it was dinner time.

Fatty: I was sitting attentively at the dinner table, waiting to see whats the surprise that Mummy had been talking about for us. Mmm... what a long wait..

Ally, being the short one, waited as well...

Ally: Hey... I might be short, but I am CUTE!!! *grins* Fatty Fatty!! Can you see or smell what Daddy and Mummy have as a surprise for us?

Fatty: I think I can smell it... it should be something good... Daddy, how about a little teaser?

And then Daddy gave a little teaser for Fatty..

Fatty: Ohh yummy... I know what it is already!!!

..and then to Ally too.

Ally: YES!! I know what it is too!!!

Tonight's dinner... is not our regular dinner. IT IS....

TAA DAHHH!!! Steam chicken!!!

...and PORK BALLS TOO!!!!!

...and then Daddy took the time to split up and divide the chicken meat equally and fairly...

"Daddy, there really isnt the need for the trouble...


Ohh whats that on the table?

Ally: I think its cucumbers...

Fatty: We hate cucumbers...

Lets take a closer look... okay, no cucumbers in there. ITS SAFE TO DIG IN NOW!

"Are the portions equal?"

Ally was getting all impatient already, and she waited and waited...

While she waited, I supervised Daddy carefully to make sure he doesnt give Ally more.

Soon after, we had our dinner... Daddy took like 10 minutes to distribute it, but we took less than 1 minute to gobble everything down.. ahhh what a satisfying dinner... and then...

Fatty seem to spot something!!!!


It looks like something is suffocating inside.... Mmmmm...


Mummy and Daddy went to the local Baskins Robbins store and got us non-chocolate ICE CREAM CLOWN CONES as our BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!

Ally: I'm taking the one on the left as it looks bigger!!!

Fatty: I'm taking the right one cos its closer to me!!!

Fatty: Lets see how my cone looks like.. the clown looks so cute, its almost considered murder if I eat it. But if I dont, I'm doing no good to myself... mmm decisions decisions...

Ally: Yes this is MINE!!! All MINE!!! My precious!!!!

Fatty: I've decided that I'll eat it. After all, if I dont, it'll melt right?

We would have loved to share the cake with our readers out there, especially Sasha who's like facing super hot temperature out there and our best pals JD and Max, but then we think that the ice cream would melt... mmm its the thought that counts right?

So... lets EAT IT NOW before it melts!

Ally: I had a good share of the waffle cone.. it was nice!

Fatty: I had a good bite too.. hehehehe...

It tasted so goodddddd......

Ally: Hey Daddy!!! Go try Fatty's... dont steal MINE!!!

Daddy was afraid that the 'eyes' were made of chocolate, and he licked off the eyes... hehe... we're sure that a lil chocolate wont do harm to us, wont it?

...then the ice cream scoop was dropped into our bowls, and we enjoyed finishing up... hehehe...

Oooo its cold, but its SOOO YUMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

So, here's a picture of both of us... hehehe...

Fatty: Happy Birthday ALLY!!!

Ally: Happy Birthday FATTY!!!

Fatty & Ally: Happy birthday to US!!!! *grins*

We love our Daddy and Mummy... we love you both long time!!!!!

Loves & Hugs,
Fatty & Ally

p.s. how we wish everyday was our birthday... hehehe...