Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm the CEO.

Today I accompanied Mummy and Daddy to Daddy's office. Wow first time I've been to Daddy's office and its so big! Firstly, we entered into this room whereby the doors open itself wan. Then when the doors open, we are at a different place already - daddy's office. Daddy's place is actually quite nice - all carpeted, so very nice for my delicate paws. Can do my runs and walks all I want.

Daddy was doing his work and Mummy was watching DVD while eating, so while I was bored, I checked out the place - playing hide 'n' seek with Daddy hehe. I even found this room far down that looks like a pantry; when I got there, I just couldnt control myself and did my pee pee there hehe.

Anyways, back to the title. Sitting on Daddy's chair make me feel like I'm the Chief Executive Officer of the Company! Hehehe...

"But they need to make the chair higher.."

"Otherwise I sure bang my chin everyday!"

"Hehe I can laugh like the Boss too!"

Hehe one day I'll get to come here again. I know that. Hehe...



Santa said...

Hey, I like these pictures. You sure look like the CEO of the company!

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