Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Weekend in the Forest!

Hi there all of you!!!!

I apologize that it took me so long to finish up the blog post of our weekend last weekend; Daddy and Mummy have both been very busy - especially Daddy cos he's got this new project somewhere in town and he havent had the time to help me update.
Anyways, here I am now - taking over the blog.
Fatty mentioned the other time that I dont have the stamina, but this time, I'm going to try my best to finish it up. As a matter of fact, I'm going to do a super loooooooonnnnnggggg post!

I was very happy - I got to carry my own treats in my bag... in fact, I was carrying Fatty's treats as well!

Thats cos Fatty is entrusted to carry the HOUSE KEYS! ooooo....

Here's the picture I put up the other day... I also asked all of you to guess...

Fatty has to remain silent cos she was there; so her guess wont be counted!

....and the answer.. and the winner... goes to... VODKA!!!!!

We did go HIKING!!!

Hehehe.. Mummy was too busy snapping away with the camera whilst Daddy let Fatty take the lead. I was following very closely behind...

..that was until Mummy stopped me to take my photo!

I wanted to stop too - to smell the flowers and grass... we were not allowed to poo poo here as it is a public forest. So we had to hold it in.

So, let me tell you all what we did in the forest... by the way, this forest is called Bukit Gasing.

We walked quite far into the forest, and then soon we came to this little place that had water running through; Mummy said its called a 'river' but I thought rivers had crocodiles? This was a very small river though.

...Let me test out the water first... its really c-c-c-cold!!!

But I, being a very daring little doggie, took a further step...

...and then I took a brave seat, to pose for Mummy to snap away!

Mmm... where's Fatty?

Hey Fatty, you ok back there?????

Fatty: I guess.. the water's kinda cold; and might be dirty too. I'm taking it slowly...

Fatty: Daddy!!! Can I not walk into the water?????

Daddy: Okay you dont have to soak; but you need to pose for photos!

Fatty: Okay then...

So, we both then posed for photos whilst sitting down...

But the water was really very cold, and my butt was feeling very chilly.. hehe...

So, it was time to go home now.. in fact, we too felt really tired...


Fatty still looks a bit scared to cross the river... hehehehe...

...Mummy, is it this side... or the other side???

Fatty: Its this side.. I can recognize the smell.. we've walked here before.

Yes.. Fatty is right. After a short walk, we are out of the forest...

Ohh ohh... I can see Daddy's car! Lets go home for some MUM MUM!!!!! Dadddddyyyy!!! I'm HUUNNGGRRYYY!!!!!



Julia said...

Great post, Ally! We wish we could have hiked along with you! Maggie and Lulu

JD and Max said...

Hi girls - what a wonderful day you had! That looks like a super-fun hike and although (like Oskar!) we would be FAR too manly to wear a back-pack like that we nevertheless are slightly envious that you got to look after your own treats!

Glad your paws didn't get too cold for too long - you were very brave to SIT on those cold rocks too - brrrr!

Hey - our humans are planning a special post for your DADDY!! They're not sure if they'll manage it before Christmas or just after, but it involves all of us having a weekend away in Manchester - he he he! Can you guess what the photos will include?!! :)

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

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