Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meeting #LucasDog.

Meet Uncle Yee Hou.

Last week, I went out with my Daddy and Mummy to Desa ParkCity to meet him. Ohh... and also meet my apparently future boyfriend as well - his name is Lucas - and I think he's only 3 months old. Wow... I'm so old already....

See how small and cute Lucas is?

...hehehe and Uncle Yee Hou looks very worried - WHY? Cos #Koyuki was smellin his legs..

Ohh... here's my lovely Mummy and Lucas!!!!!!



JD and Max said...

Oooh, Ally - you're a bit of a 'couger' we see, going for the younger man, he he he! Lucas is very sweet - but he'd better treat you nice or he'll have us to answer to, he he he! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

陳一豪 said...

Aiya Uncle commented but it hilang-ed. I guess the interwebs do not like old people like me :(

Well Ally, Uncle is very happy for the both of you and wish you the best.

I will be in touch with your mommy to discuss matters like dowry et cetera alright?

GoSchnauzer said...

Aww, Lucas you are so cute. You would make a good bf.

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