Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Christmas Presents!!!

We would like to say... THANK YOU DADDY!!! =) Thank you for the Christmas Presents!!!! To thank Daddy - we would like to write a blog post... but while we are drafting that post... let us re-post what Daddy had posted on his blog here!

This is going to be a quick post!!! =) But with loads of pictures!!!!!!!!

As you all may know by now, I love my doggies. I love my Fatty and Ally - the super cute miniature schnauzers!!! I try to bring them everywhere and anywhere I can - and I manja them to bits!

Anyways, it is December, and it is Christmas season!!!!! =)

For Fatty and Ally - it is Christmas comes early for them as I got them presents!!!!!

Where did I get the presents from? Juicy Couture of course!!!

I got them some new collars!!!

This one is for.... ALLY!!!

She damaged her previous Juicy Couture collar like 6 hrs after I wore it on for her the last time...

I hope this time around it can last a lot longer on her...

See my cute daughter!!!

A nice luxury collar, for a super cool doggie.

As Fatty is darker in colour, black and gold somewhat fits her best.

You see how nice and good she looks with the new collar...

A very happy Fatty..

Anyways, what does it say on Fatty's collar?

....B I T C H....

...I S..... B A C K....

LOL. =)


Rubie said...

Hi Eric, Ally and Fatty! I'm Rubie a mini schnauzer from Australia who loves following your blog. I think that your dad is VERY generous with keeping you girls in the best of bling... and I think I had it good...but you guys out bling me! Check my blog out too!

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