Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Project O&O with Chammaine. =)

Meet the superstar blogger/model whom I joined in a photoshoot project recently - Chammaine, who also blogs at

What Chammaine thought of her 'BE YOURSELF' shot:

"The dress that I wore during the shoot incorporates a blend of my favourite colours – pink and purple! It appears to be bright, which conveys a care-free vibe, like how I am all the time. Although, normally high heels seem to be an essential for girls in a photo shoot, I chose to be different as it was about representing myself at its best, so I wore flats instead! Basically, I am the kind of girl who would go for comfort all the way! I brought in a pup because I love dogs. I actually own 4 dogs back in Penang. However, due to some circumstances, I couldn’t bring them all to the shoot. So, I was thankful that my friend lent me her dog. "

See... I look so pretty here with Aunty Chammaine!!!!!

The comments on the picture on Facebook have been very nice and kind... let me show you some ya. =)

Joseph Lee Germani I will like this photo, for the dog....... *evil grins* (;
Samuel Tan Ally is such a good girl during the shoot. ♥
Boon Kheng Chai Girl or dog, likewise all glory goes to her!
Lynnet Tan Si Jie cute dog dog ^^
Owen Low i voted for the "Dog"!
Hazel Teo ‎200++! good luck chammaine! Confirm win! :D and ally is so cute laaaaaaaa!

Thank you all for the nice words =) If you think she is YOUR kind of Youth Ambassador, Vote by 'liking' this picture. Your ONE vote can transform her life - and even more than that, the society.



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