Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day.

Its that time of the year when Daddy comes over with a huge bouquet of roses to give to Mummy for Valentine's Day. But this year hor, Daddy didnt buy the roses for Mummy. Dunno why. Maybe Daddy on a budget. But then this year Daddy got surprise dinner for Mummy - at this place very close to the other place I went to the other time - Palate Palette; this place is called La Terrasse.

Anyways, although once again Daddy and Mummy only bring me out, they had to make me wait soooo long. Daddy took a drive to this huge shopping centre - dropped mummy off and then we waited in the car for mummy for so long. Wait wait also feel like want to kao kao already.

Soon after, Mummy came in with a huge box which she put on top of my favourite spot. Eeesh. Apparently its Daddy's present. Hehe. So we headed to the mum mum place, and then sat down.

Then the long wait again.....

I think I waited almost another hour before the mum mum finally came - but I managed to eat some bread first to cure my hunger. Daddy also crossed the road to get more bread for me. Yeyyy... Love my Daddy cos he always feed me!

"Peekaboo!!!! See ME?"

"Me and my beloved Daddy..."

"Me and my beloved Mummy!"

"This is actually my appetizer (note arrow). Mummy had pasta, Daddy had some pork chop"

My actual main course was some grilled egg on toast - which Daddy stole so much cos he was hungry too. Hehe... Nevermind ler - at least he gave me some of his pork T-bone chop.



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