Friday, February 12, 2010

Meeting JD and Max's humans for the 1st Time!

Today, after Daddy and Mummy came back from dinner, they brought us out... We knew we were already going out as we had already scheduled an appointment with some visitors from the UK... mmm... do you know who they are???

Okay.. let me show you who they are... and let me introduce...

Meet our dear visitors hehe... still cant guess who they are??? They are JD and Max's humans...

Meet Neil - JD and Max's male human.

...and this is Clare... their female human.

Today, we brought them both for a little supper session upon their touchdown at Jalan Alor. Mmm.. there were like... lots of good food. Too bad we didnt get any though... MMMPPHH!!!

Anyways, to Santa, Carrie, Minnie as well as Scottie, our date tomorrow is ON yea... 8pm dinner at Ho Ho Steamboat, Segambut.

Go read your emails - our Daddy had sent out the agenda for tomorrow's dinner date with JD and Max's humans... hehehehe... C YA THERE!!!!!!!

Fatty & Ally


Santa and Minnie said...

Ooh...they are finally here! Can't wait to meet them. Yes, we'll be there and thanks for making the arrangements.

Sasha said...

Hmmm... just as well you girls were there, because they seemed to be lacking something a little... schnauzerly...

Hope you all have a good time, and leave lots of exotic smells for Max and JD!

Puppy kisses

Cobi said...

Wow.....looks like you gals had a great time with JD & Max's humans. Pawrents wished they could join u all for the steamboat but the timing was not right. Perhaps next time :)

Looking forward to posting on the steamboat.


JD and Max said...

Hi girls! We're so pleased to see that you took such good care of our humans - they had a great time and totally fell in love with the two of you. They've been coo-ing about how cute you both are - and how adorably small (and light!!) you both are! If we didn't adore you so much ourselves we'd feel a bit threatened, he he he! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

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