Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Presents for JD and Max - Part 1.


For the duty of presenting our presents to our beloved best friends from UK - JD and Max, myself and Ally have decided to split the duty into 2 - I will blog about the treats and Ally will blog about the toys... hehehe...

Daddy bought a very big box - big enough to put me in to put the treats + toys for JD and Max..

I was secretly hoping that Mummy and Daddy bought extra for us too...

Anyways, let me start with the treats list...

This is my favourite treat - the one I do catch with... Daddy calls it Milk Bolo.

...some very nice butter-smelling cookies... imported from Japan by the way..

These treats come in special flavours - Milky, Spinach and Carrot... all my favourites!

For fruity tastes - there's also Strawberry, Blueberry and Banana flavours...

Mummy also got these special dog treats - apparently there's salmon fish in it and its good for our skins and coats... hehehe..

Another of my favourite - the SLEEKY dog milk treats!

This one here is like 'gravy' for our kibbles.. and this is pumpkin flavoured..

For desserts, there's a jelly for both of you too!

These 'meaty bars' are really nice too - and we've made sure Mummy got 2 - so its one for JD and one for Max...

For some reason, there's only 3 left. I'm thinkin that Ally stole one already. But Daddy said the package come in 3 pieces only - so here's some salami/sausage based Natural Balance dog food!

...mmm I'm thinkin of having one to make it easier for JD and Max to split the treats...

This one is a meat jerky and mind you... Ally and I both love this sooooo much!!!!!

This is something that we discovered recently only - cheese sprinkles. We saw our Mummy add cheese to her pasta - and so we bugged Daddy to buy us cheese for our kibbles... its really good and makes the kibbles so appetizing... hence, we decided to get some for both of you too.. *dont sprinkle too much though - let there be like 3-4 meal sprinkles per pack*

Okay its dinner time for now... I shall leave you all to Ally to bring you Part 2...



The Schnauzer Brothers said...

Hi Fatty! Thank you so much for sharing so many of your favourite treats with JD and Max! They will be thrilled - they'll leave you their own message here when they're back home. They'll be so envious that we got to cuddle you and Ally.

We'd like to thank your wonderful mummy and daddy for making our holiday so special, we're already discussing when we might be able to come back! Loads of love - Clare and Neil.

Eric said...

hehe do come back soon!!!

Plus, we cant wait for JD and Max to blog about the treats we gave them!


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