Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Walking along the beach.

After Daddy had his breakfast on the first morning, he decided to take me, Fatty as well as Beemer for a little walk-walk at the beach. Beemer is actually very friendly, although he tried to steal our food, but we think he's a cool fella. Hehe. Fatty was being very excited, and she wanted to lead the way. Sorry for the little trick question this morning - it was really 3 schnauzers here + 1 little shih tzu too!

We met another schnauzer at the beach too.

Hey Daddy - can you not stop there??? We are not tired yet!!!

But after awhile, I got tired, so I slowed down while Fatty was still catching up with Beemer.

Our pawprints in the sand. So cute arent they?

Okay now back to the hotel... =P



JD and Max said...

Hi Ally - what a great place! We're constantly amazed at how many schnauzers there are in Malaysia, we'd LOVE to meet up with loads more of us over here! Glad you had so much fun - we love the pawprints in the sand! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Eric said...

the schnauzers are taking over MALAYSIA!!!

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