Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Going to the place where our friends went to! =)

And so, the place that we went to, was indeed Ruby's Resort. Apart from the humans, there were the four of us furkids who came here for holiday. My sister Fatty of course came along, together with Beemer, and then there was the little one called Alfie and yours truly. We stayed in quite a big room - and the room spelled A. C. A. C. I. A. I think it meant Acacia or something. Daddy says its a type of wood or plant. Hehe LOL.

The entrance to the room.

For my post, there will not be pictures of any doggies hehe. However, we want to show you who else came here before too!!!!!

Our new friend, Shalom...

We heard of this place from our other friend, Scottie. And we wanted to look for Scottie's note too. After searching high and low, Daddy decided to cheat and messaged Aunty Audrey for the location - her directions were not that good either LOL so we helped Daddy to find the spot...

And guess what... we found it!!!

See... the place is also endorsed by Shalom and Scottie!!!



JD and Max said...

Hi girls - that is SO cool! We love that you've been to such a highly endorsed place! If Scottie liked it it must have been good! Looks like a lovely place to us - wish we could holiday there too. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Eric said...

hehehehe u need to come here!!!! We summon u to make ur FH and MH bring u two down to Malaysia this time!!!

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