Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Story of Us.


Okay... today my Human Daddy wrote a very touching blog post on how he got grandpa, grandma... and then my Mummy... Aunty Ally.... oh well... the whole family. I have actually not met grandpa Uncle and grandma Stephy before - they went to the rainbow bridge long before I was born. I read there that this have some good solutions to keep your pets in your yard using wireless fences; something that may have prevented the accidents to happen.... but I guess it is all fate, but this fate has resulted in Daddy shouting at me whenever I go close to the edge of the garden or when I am running loose...  

Uncle - my Grandpa. 

So... according to Daddy, Uncle, with his stud name of Angletee Truly Sirius - is truly the most carefree and adorable Miniature Schnauzer ever - a trait that has been so prominent in him that the subsequent generations all carried along the trait. Uncle was very cheeky, and he would be disturbing and annoying every single other dog that he sees, be it a Rottweiler or a Chihuahua. Uncle was very greedy and he would sit at the entrance of the kitchen every morning and evening, waiting for my mum to give him some random treats. 

Hehehehe... for awhile I thought the description was for me... hahahahaha... =)


Well, a couple of months of getting Uncle, Uncle's girlfriend, also my Grandma - Stephy came along. Also known as Menghengken Rosy Girl - Stephy is by far the most obedient Miniature Schnauzer that is have ever known. I heard that Grandma Stephy is too good to be true, and too nice. I think I would prefer to inherit this trait instead.... hehehe... 

Stephy would demand for her daily tummy rubs and cuddles every morning. See Daddy! I dont do that!!!! I just wake you up! She is a very quiet, obedient and also super lazy... mmmm..... Stephy was also a very intelligent dog whereby she learns new tricks within four tries! Further to that, Stephy is also very vain - she's been spotted her staring at the mirror and admiring herself on many different occasions! Hahaha... Daddy says I got my laziness from Grandma Stephy...

Uncle and Stephy swimming in the pool...

So... Uncle and Stephy got together, and had three puppies, Fatty, Greedy and Ally. Ahhh that's my Mummy Fatty, Aunty Ally and uncle Greedy... Greedy was adopted though. Well.... Daddy says Fatty is much smarter than all of us - where she learns new tricks just by watching other dogs learn theirs! Ally on their hand, being the youngest of the litter, is half the size of Fatty.  Fatty got together with a friend's schnauzer called Reeve - and had one male puppy - Perry.

AHhhh time for ME!!!!!!!!!

The family portrait without me. 

Perry, yes, that is me... being the only child, and the youngest, is spoilt to the max by Fatty. Nahh... not really... He is a very cheeky and mischievous Miniature Schnauzer. Not really. Basically he inherited Uncle's cheekiness and cute looks, Stephy's laziness as well as Fatty's intelligence and loyalty. Good looks and cheeky... for sure. Lazy? Mmmm.... Define lazy. Intelligent? Of course!!!

This is ME in a BATMAN suit!



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