Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am Perry.

Daddy says that I bark a lot. Well, he doesnt know what I do, or what I am up to. I admit, I am a very vocal guy, I like to open my mouth and say things... and well, it makes good sense that this website reminded him of me. Hehehe... I go around greeting and wishing everyone during the mornings, noons and nights. HE claims I bark so much - but imagine my Daddy going into a club... he'll probably do the same and shout out to all his friends!!! Okay okay.... so this Dog Bark Collars are a training aide to help you curb nuisance barking. 

Daddy says I bark so much so it is impossible to bring me out, let alone anyone visit the house. But what he does not realize is I am SOOOOO CUTE that Daddy gets all the female attention whenever he brings me out!

This is me, I am Perry.

Some people say I am annoying, some say I am irritating. Well, I do admit, I am a very alert puppy. In my defense to Daddy saying I bark at any random sound - come on... I AM A DOG. This is what I do. Especially Schnauzers. Miniature Schnauzers. This is WHAT WE DO. If I were to not bother and let all the sounds or people pass by, I would be quite a useless doggie, wont I? 

Together with my Aunty Ally, we are the Dynamic Duo - and we are all out to catch any burglars who tries to come into the house! I am NOT an attention seeker, but it does make sense to be in the limelight - after all, I am the cutest Miniature Schnauzer in the house!!!

At the time, Ally jumps in and says, "HEY!! That's not true! I am the CUTEST!"

Hahaha... yes yes Ally, whatever you say...

Like what everyone says, I am the super cute and greedy Miniature Schnauzer.... hahaha... well, name me a Schnauzer who isnt greedy? Hahahaha.... I admit, I have my ways around with humans, and they all enjoy patting my head and giving me back rubs and tummy rubs... hehehe... but the smack? Gggrrr.....

Sleeping is amongst my favourite pastime...

Every morning, I would jump all over Daddy and wake him up. In my defense, NO... I do not make girly screams or moans... that would so not be me... hahaha... I get my morning breakfast served to me in a platter, with a combination of treats, kibbles and sometimes even some chicken meat! I am definitely faster than Ally, in fact, I have not met another Schnauzer who is faster than me up and down the stairs! I would help Ally and Mindy finish their food too... well, they are rather slow... so it is indeed first come, first served.

The people around me enjoy eating, and because of that, I enjoy eating their food too! So dont blame me if I ask for my share of the treats during the day...

Perry the greedy one...

By evening, Grandma would be first to be home. She is my favourite human in the house after Daddy. Without fail, she does the cooking everyday, and I just need to sit down at the entrance to the kitchen, and she would be giving me some boiled chicken meat... 2nd helping is always compulsory because Grandma always has so much food to give me!!!

After dinner, Grandpa would be having his fruits in the living room. Well, he's always eating apples and pears and bananas... ahhh my favourite fruits!!! Apples would be my ultimate favourites, it is so juicy and crunchy!!! 

By night, Daddy would be home... well, he's always working and he's back so late... I wait up for him until I am hungry already, so it would be natural for me to ask for my supper treats! I may be getting a little overweight, but hey... I am still a small boy and still growing... I need the food!!!!!



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