Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishing Our Friend #Koyuki Well.

Hey all!!!!

It turns out that our good friend #Koyuki the Siberian Husky - the pretty Husky has been sick and has been diagnosed with parvovirus. We do not know what that is - but according to Daddy - it can be very bad for cute little doggies like us all. It causes us to puke and also poo poo non stop liquidly. Anyways, our Daddy and Mummy says that our good friend needs more rests, and a lot of medicine - so need to be hanging around at the vets.

I would like to appeal out to all our friends here to help us pray and wish #Koyuki to get well soon...

Our beautiful friend, #Koyuki.


Then we can go for walks at Desa ParkCity together!!!!!!!!


KY said...

get well soon koyuki!

Jaclyn said...

i miss koyuki's smile :(

The Schnauzer Brothers said...

Aw - we hope Koyuki gets well soon. You are very sweet girls to do him such a sweet get well post, we're sure he'll be on the mend in no time with all these good vibes out here for him. We're sending healing snuggles his way - JD and Max.

The Mizz Eve said...

Such a sweet post for Koyuki~ hope she gets well soon!

Eric said...

hehe Koyuki is a girl, boys.

She's still in terrible pain - we hope that she recovers soon. Daddy says that Parvo virus is very very lethal - and the past 2 days, Mummy have been using 'bleach' to clean up the whole house to make sure the virus isnt around us anymore cos Koyuki did stay with us over the weekend.

SHe's only 3 months old - way too young to suffer this.

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