Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Here, on behalf of The Schnauzer Blog - I would like to wish all our readers a very Happy New Year!!! May 2010 come with all the good things and good treats to all our friends out there all around the world!!!

Anyways, to start 2010 off, I would like to blog about my recent walkie trip.

Daddy and Mummy had brought us around the house for like an hour plus, and then Daddy was already feeling hungry. They wanted to do a take-out - but Mummy insisted that we walk there. Mmmm... its okay for me - I love walkies!!!!!

And so.. Daddy and Mummy left Ally at home and took me out. Cos they said I was a better protector and Ally was already looking tired after one hour...

"Okay Daddy - you can let me down now. I wanna walk!"

This was the first time I had walked out so far - and I was determined to complete the walkie on all fours! I hope Daddy has the stamina to go all the way with me though.

And then very soon... we got to this petrol station that Daddy always stops at to pump petrol for the car before he takes me out on the 'drive drive' sessions.

It has a little Star too - maybe it is a superstar too - just like ME!

...and so, very soon, we got close to our destination. Do you know where we're headed?

Here's a better view... can u spot the place?

"Daddy - careful! There're plenty of cars here!!!"

So, Daddy carried me and crossed the road. Mummy was busy with the flash box behind us - and was snapping away some of the best shots I've seen. Hehehe hoorayyy for Mummy!

Here we are! This is where Daddy and Mummy brought me to!

Kentucky Fried Chicken - or KFC!

One of my favourite places too, right after the M place!

Here's my proof. Hehehe...

Okay - thats the end of the quick blog post.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!!!!!!



KY said...

ally is my friend! and so is fatty now :D

Jaclyn said...

heheh they <3 u!

♥玮倩 said...

A belated Happy 2010 Year!!! (:

best regards

JD and Max said...

Hi girls - happy 2010! We know our humans can't wait to meet you and your humans next month!

Yes, the humans have been busy - sigh - so haven't been able to blog for us as often as we'd like but now that they're back at work again maybe they'll get back into a better routine for us. Or we might have to sack them - he he!

Also, we're having real trouble with our Twitter account - every time we try to add it to our Blog someone elses tweets appear and we have no idea why! We miss tweeting - we didn't do it too much but we still miss it. We're not sure what to do - your daddy is a tweet master we feel (he he!) so does he have any ideas perhaps?!

Big schnauzer snuggles - JD anfd Max.

Jaclyn said...

happy belated new year JD and Max

Ally and Fatty

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