Friday, January 29, 2010

My Photo Shoot.

This is one of the photos from my photoshoot last week.
Hehehe my Daddy thinks I look very fierce... oooo....


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Going to Cheras to meet Auntie Kim!

Last weekend, our friend Charlie's mummy Auntie Kim had to stay home at this place called Cheras. Daddy says that this place is considerably very very far to where we stay - and apparently its quite a dodgy place. We do not know what that means - but what we know is we got to tag along to meet Auntie Kim...

At Cheras, we stopped by this place called Pat Kin Pat Sun for some late night supper...

Ally: Whats this? It smells like orange juice and its sooooo cold!!!

Fatty: It is ORANGE JUICE!!!

And a very greedy Ally is eying Auntie Ruby's food... hehehehe...

Okay - Auntie Kim is on the far right. In the middle - the tall hairy guy, thats Uncle Gareth. He practices Shaolin kungfu. On the far left is the annoying-like-to-brush-my-teeth Uncle KY. He loves to eat.

Thats all for now... come back soon for more ok!!! Love ya all!!!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Videos.

Today's quick update is a series of videos that I featured in and starred in. I may have blogged about it before - but - nevermind; I'm sure you all dont mind seeing me again...

This is me on the treadmill...

This is me doing a fancy 'catch' trick...

How about me and the dancing can....

The most basic trick... its one that I mastered very early... hehe...


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishing Our Friend #Koyuki Well.

Hey all!!!!

It turns out that our good friend #Koyuki the Siberian Husky - the pretty Husky has been sick and has been diagnosed with parvovirus. We do not know what that is - but according to Daddy - it can be very bad for cute little doggies like us all. It causes us to puke and also poo poo non stop liquidly. Anyways, our Daddy and Mummy says that our good friend needs more rests, and a lot of medicine - so need to be hanging around at the vets.

I would like to appeal out to all our friends here to help us pray and wish #Koyuki to get well soon...

Our beautiful friend, #Koyuki.


Then we can go for walks at Desa ParkCity together!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Spontaneous Genting Adventure!

Awhile ago, Daddy brought Mummy, Uncle Horny and Auntie Sotong out for some fancy lunch. I somehow got really lucky and tagged along - guess where Daddy brought us all? It was this place that I had been before with Fatty as well; and mind you, the cooling weather was just so nice for me. I loved it so much - and I loved it even more cos I was the only one who tagged along! This place is called.....


While Daddy and the gang that they call #porkgang waited for their bak kut teh, I just chilled, sat down and wonder if I would get any treats...

Harrllooowwww... what are all of you eating???

Somehow I feel a bit short. Maybe Daddy should have put me on his lap...

See! My view is like so restricted... and Mummy still insisted on camwhoring with me! EEessh!

"Mummy, Can I sit on your lap????"

As the food was not good at all, Daddy and Mummy and Uncle Horny and Auntie Kerol went further up the hills - right into Genting Highlands for some delicious fried chicken. The place was packed - so I didnt get to come out during the late lunch...

But in the end... I still got to come out!

See... I love my Mummy so muchhhhh :)


Saturday, January 9, 2010

My New Haircut!

To start off 2010 for me, I would like to wish all my fans - those who love my small build - a Happy 2010!!!! Happy New Year and may 2010 bring all the goodies and more treats for everyone! ...But on one condition - I want a commission!!!

Anyways, I went for my 2nd grooming session of the year - and today Mummy decided that I needed a haircut!!!

...and this is how I look like NOW!!!

My Daddy loves me to bits - he says I'm like a brand new puppy again, so small size!

Can you see how cute I am? I think I look gorgeous - what do you guys think?

While I looked so good, I decided to play along and see if Daddy would give me more love - and more tummy rubs... And fair enough... he did!!!

Yeyyy... a new haircut - and MORE TUMMY TICKLES AND RUBS!!!

Schnauzer snuggles,

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Here, on behalf of The Schnauzer Blog - I would like to wish all our readers a very Happy New Year!!! May 2010 come with all the good things and good treats to all our friends out there all around the world!!!

Anyways, to start 2010 off, I would like to blog about my recent walkie trip.

Daddy and Mummy had brought us around the house for like an hour plus, and then Daddy was already feeling hungry. They wanted to do a take-out - but Mummy insisted that we walk there. Mmmm... its okay for me - I love walkies!!!!!

And so.. Daddy and Mummy left Ally at home and took me out. Cos they said I was a better protector and Ally was already looking tired after one hour...

"Okay Daddy - you can let me down now. I wanna walk!"

This was the first time I had walked out so far - and I was determined to complete the walkie on all fours! I hope Daddy has the stamina to go all the way with me though.

And then very soon... we got to this petrol station that Daddy always stops at to pump petrol for the car before he takes me out on the 'drive drive' sessions.

It has a little Star too - maybe it is a superstar too - just like ME!

...and so, very soon, we got close to our destination. Do you know where we're headed?

Here's a better view... can u spot the place?

"Daddy - careful! There're plenty of cars here!!!"

So, Daddy carried me and crossed the road. Mummy was busy with the flash box behind us - and was snapping away some of the best shots I've seen. Hehehe hoorayyy for Mummy!

Here we are! This is where Daddy and Mummy brought me to!

Kentucky Fried Chicken - or KFC!

One of my favourite places too, right after the M place!

Here's my proof. Hehehe...

Okay - thats the end of the quick blog post.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!!!!!!