Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Going to the Playground...

Last weekend, Daddy and Mummy brought us to the neighbourhood playground - it was quite empty as we were quite early. So the public who frequents the place havent really turned up yet - we were as excited as ever and Daddy brought us to climb some steps..

At the top of the steps, Fatty was already feeling tired. So she lied down and took a little rest.

I followed Mummy up instead - and then I also stood next to Daddy and Mummy to make sure I dont miss out on anything.. hehe...

I wonder what that is? It looks like a little tunnel...

"Fatty! Are you okay? You look so tired!!!"

"I'm fine; trust me. I suspect something's wrong..."

Huh... whats wrong? Daddy's pampering me so much.. it just feels so good!!!!

Oh wait... you mean... Ohh no.... I think I get it!

"I shall stay low to avoid.... ahahaha..."

And then Daddy started to put us on the slides... oh nooo....

My first time on a playground slide!!!!!!

Then... I went on it AGAIN!!!!

When's Fatty's turn???

Fatty: Shudduuppp!!!!! ARRGHHH!!!!


Fatty: Its actually quite fun!!!!!!!

Ally: But I'm still scared.... grrrr....


Monday, December 28, 2009

We're Winners!!!

Recently, we submitted our entries for JD and Max's Super Nice Bootielicious Contest - which had a few different categories. And just last week, JD and Max finally announced the results - to our delights!!! We had generally never won any competition before - so we are actually overwhelmed by the results! Our Daddy calls this 'landslide' victory as we swept off quite a lot of the categories.. hehehe...

Fatty's entry for Category One - Tail Placement landed in a joint 1st place - together with Mango! I'm loving this part even more cos this is seriously my trademark tail placement and I'm so happy to be awarded with the 1st place!!!!

And then Fatty's other entry - for Category Four - Bottoms Up came in runners-up!!! This is one good prize as well as the competition were super tough and Sasha was becoming outright favourites in this category!!!!

And then... last but not least, Ally's entry for the Category Five - Just For Fun!!! - it turned out to be the runaway winner!!!

Ally has something to say...

"I would like to thank my Mummy for taking this cute lil picture - if not for her, I would never have won this. I would also like to thank Daddy - for it was him who had gotten all the different big and small soft toys for Mummy and us - hence taking up all the space in my tiny bed. I would like to thank Fatty too - cos I posed like this probably because Fatty was taunting me.. hehe *grins* and then I would like to thank the organizers and the judges for choosing me!!! Love ya all!!! <3>
We would both like to thank JD and Max for this glorious contest and we shall look forward to more in the future!!!

Fatty & Ally

Friday, December 25, 2009

Fatty's on the Treadmill!!!

Here's a quick lil post to cheer everyone up on this joyous Christmas!!!

Hehehe love ya all!!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Miniature Schnauzer Gathering.

Last Sunday, Daddy and Mummy brought us both out to one of our favourite places of all time - Desa ParkCity for our regular walks! But this time however, it was raining super heavily! Daddy calls it raining cats and dogs - but we were lookin in the skies and all we saw was water coming down... mmm... we wonder what he meant by that...

So it seems that we were spied on - as we walked to the gathering, pictures of us were already taken! We are such superstars!!!

Then Daddy brought me closer to meet up with my friends. The last I met these bunch of friends was like months back - and I've always looked forward to seeing them. All these friends of mine were less than 1 yr old back then and looked smaller than I did. Now - about 6 months later, I realized they are all larger than I am now...

Ally was also the star of the gathering!!! Everyone thought she was only 6 months old... hehe *grins* but they got a shock and was surprised when Daddy told them that Ally is same age as I am!!!

It was raining very heavily - so Mummy came up with a shower cap thingy to put on my head to make sure I dont get my head wet. So sweet of Mummy... can you spot where I am???

This is me again - sitting in the lil bag and was being carried around by my beloved Daddy..

Ally was busy socializing with other fellas... what an attention whore! Haha!!!
Poor Daddy and I were all wet. Hehe...

I also met up with Mummy's friend's boy boy Beemer - Beemer is perhaps one of the oldest of the whole gathering. He's also 4 yrs+ - I think he's quite cute to say the least.. hehe.. I will put up a better closeup picture of him very very soon...

We also met up with 6 month old Mocha... its funny how they name their furkids as food names.. hehe we've heard of Cookie.. now Mocha! Haha...

We also met up with another cute boy - who's quite close to my age. Daddy says he's got a very good posture and might just be a suitable boyfriend for me. I thought he was cute too - cos I didnt bark at him. His name is Hitler. Hehe...

So Mummy found Beemer for me and Daddy found Hitler for me.

Who should I choose? Hehe...


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not Welcoming Magic...

Do you know who is this???

The bootie above does not belong to me or Ally - in fact, I would say it belongs to a cute little fella. Younger than us by so much - but yet bigger in size!!!

So, do you know who this is???

He is none other than MAGIC!

Remember Magic???

Magic is the lil fella whom we met earlier this year at the Miniature Schnauzer gathering. Back then, he was already very cute; in fact, he's also very cute now.

This is how he looks like now.

See!!! He's actually very cuteee!!!!

Mummy and Daddy were supposed to adopt him from a friend, however, I dont think so. Since Stephy and Uncle both left us, I have became the ruler of the house, the Queen of the empire and the Empress of the dynasty!

I feel that Mummy and Daddy are already way too busy for us - so having a third schnauzer would not be fair to us both.

Hence, we rejected Magic.

Mummy and Daddy had to send him home back to his owners. But we promised we shall help out to look out for good homes for him to be adopted!

There... relieved!!!

Fatty & Ally

Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Famous!!!

Today I appeared in Auntie Cheesie's blog.

Hehehehe I must be soooooo FAMOOUUSS!!!!

Fatty: You're only there because you are GREEDY! Not otherwise!!!



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aunty Asa's Masterpiece.

Awhile ago, Aunty Sasa saw our Daddy's and Mummy's masterpieces, and told us that she draws too. Hehehe... Yesterday, she sent this file to our Daddy and we were like...


I think I look soooooo cutezz here!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Sorry for the MIA.

Here's a quick post - pardon my 'Missing in action'ness.. hehe..

Firstly, my Daddy has been super busy.

Secondly, I've been pretty busy myself. Hehehe...

This is what keeps me busy hehehe...

Oooo whats this?

Its a car dashboard - my Daddy's car dashboard!!! Hehe...

Recently I've taken up driving lessons so that next time I can 'drive' everyone around!!!

Whats up ahead???

Typical Malaysian drivers!!! Simply braking!!!!

Ooo.. is that food I see? hehehe...

Okay. Thats all for today. FInd out what Fatty have been busy tomorrow!!!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our New Shower Place.

SInce last weekend, Daddy and Mummy had been bringing us to a new place for our weekly shower. Daddy says that the old place is not so cool anymore cos our favourite groomers have all left. So they got really busy to search around - asked Uncle Gareth and Aunty Kim; but the place they recommended was closed on alternate Sundays. So we still had to look for a new place.

The other time when Mummy fixed her car, Daddy came across this new place in this place called Uptown. Why UP? I thought there was only a DOWNtown, hehe didnt know there was an UPTOWN too.

So, last Sunday, Daddy brought us to this new place.

It is owned by Uncle Eric, who used to groom our beloved Uncle and Stephy back then at Hartamas; now he opened his own place here.

Its called Uptown Pets Centre.

Its really very nice in there - they even have a treadmill for the lazy humans in case they dont feel like walking their furkids!!!

Here's a closer pic - call the number to make an appointment!

Or better still, come here straight away in the coming Sundays! We are sure to make our guest appearance there!!! Hehehe... we're always so excited to meet our fans!!!

Okay.. thats all for now. After a shower session, I always end up getting really tired.

Good nights!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Guess Where We Went Today...

Okay we shall do a proper post soon.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Votes - part 2.

This is our part 2 of our votes for JD and Max's super bootilicious competition!!!

For Category 2 (Nifty Nubbins)... here are our votes...

We think that Stephy's booty deserves to win outright. We know its not fair for us to vote for Stephy - but then we feel that Stephy deserves to win this category - cos after all, her booty is the best and the biggesT!!!

However, if the judges dont allow us and insist on us to vote for others... here's our choices...

1. Cobi

2. Oskar

As for the next category - Category 3 (Fluffy Butt), we've only got one choice - and she's the outright winner for this...


She's got the fluffiest bootie that we've seen and she's the winner for this...

For the 4th category of BOTTOMS UP, there were many entries...

But I think that my entry... the antenna tail is perhaps the best.. *grins*

But coming in very very close.... is....

SASHA again!!!!!!!!!

Virus is pretty good too.....

Mmmm I think we're gonna call it good night for now. There's too much booty to digest for us. We'll come up with Category 5's votes in a bit.

Fatty & Ally

Thank God It's Friday!!!

Hey there!!!

Its the WEEKEND again!!!!

Thank God Its FRIDAY!!!!