Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Going to the Playground...

Last weekend, Daddy and Mummy brought us to the neighbourhood playground - it was quite empty as we were quite early. So the public who frequents the place havent really turned up yet - we were as excited as ever and Daddy brought us to climb some steps..

At the top of the steps, Fatty was already feeling tired. So she lied down and took a little rest.

I followed Mummy up instead - and then I also stood next to Daddy and Mummy to make sure I dont miss out on anything.. hehe...

I wonder what that is? It looks like a little tunnel...

"Fatty! Are you okay? You look so tired!!!"

"I'm fine; trust me. I suspect something's wrong..."

Huh... whats wrong? Daddy's pampering me so much.. it just feels so good!!!!

Oh wait... you mean... Ohh no.... I think I get it!

"I shall stay low to avoid.... ahahaha..."

And then Daddy started to put us on the slides... oh nooo....

My first time on a playground slide!!!!!!

Then... I went on it AGAIN!!!!

When's Fatty's turn???

Fatty: Shudduuppp!!!!! ARRGHHH!!!!


Fatty: Its actually quite fun!!!!!!!

Ally: But I'm still scared.... grrrr....



Sasha said...

Ooohhh... That looks even scarier than the treadmill! You girls must be doing special dogmando training, being so brave all over the place!

Puppy kisses

Eric said...

Hehehe... it was actually quite fun Sasha... hehehe...


The Schnauzer Brothers said...

Hi Girls - wheeee, that looks like FUN! Well, it was fun to watch anyway, he he he! We're sure we'd be JUST as brave as you if we were put on a slide - yeah, we REALLY would 'cos we're big butch boy dogs - ahem!

Hey - our humans are training us to use the treadmill too! We're not sure we'll ever be as good as Fatty though - she's a natural!

We hope you have a great new year - how strange to think you'll be in 2010 before us - and Sasha is almost there NOW. Are you time travellers? You'll all be in 2010 whilst we'll still be in 2009 - we can't quite get our heads around it.....!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

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