Sunday, March 29, 2009

Free Head Rub/Massage.

Its been sometime since I last made a post, in fact, a whole week. Anyways, this week, Mummy took off my cone already. Now I can bite and lick as much as I want!!! Hehehe...

Anyways, back to my post.

Somehow I always love a nice and ticklish head rub.. it feels like a good massage. Yesterday, while Daddy was watching DVD, I went over to him and asked for a head rub... hehehe... and he obliged!

See... so nice...

Mmm Daddy's hand very good at massaging..

Only I got the head rub... the other two didnt.



Santa said...

Oh, Ally is sooooo cute! Such adorable eyes. She melts my heart!!

Eric said...

hehehe the youngest one (some ppl say malnutrition) turns out to be also the smallest one... although she's only 2 hrs younger than fatty.

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