Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mummy & Daddy Loves Us A Lot!

During the weekend, Mummy and Daddy went to this new place called Tropicana City to do some minor shopping at this supermarket called Carrefour. As you can see from the picture below, they bought less than 10 items - 9 in fact, and best part is, 8 of the items are for us!!!

"See... they love us to bits!"

A - Wet tissue to wipe my butt wan
B - Daddy's low fat fresh milk - which we will drink too!
C - Toilet rolls to clean our poo poo
D - Daddy's Cheezels - which we love to eat also!
E - Our vege biscuits hehehe
F - My tight pants - for the time of the month wan...
G - Containers to keep our mum mum...

Oh.. Daddy and Mummy also bought themselves one bottle of apple juice - and thats all! Hehehe....

"Ohh.. the 8th item.. my new sofa bed to kao kao in!"



Santa said...

I can see two of you sharing the new sofa bed, so sweet. I have the same sofa bed too. Mine is maroon in colour but my Aunty Diana would use a bedsheet to cover it because she said I would make holes in it when I dig into it.

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