Friday, March 13, 2009

Who Am I?

About ages ago when Mummy and Daddy first brought me home, Mummy had always been calling me her Princess. Me thinks that Mummy call me Princess because Mummy want to be the Queen - which is the case right now cos Daddy everything also listen to Mummy wan. Hehehe... Poor Daddy...

But anyways, who am I?

"I'm Stephy, the cutest in the house!"

"At times, I can also be the crankiest..."

"But I'm still the most adorable..."

"This is me, STEPHY"



Jacob said...

Hi, nice pet you have.
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Santa said...

The three of you are just sooo cute! Just curious, Fatty and Ally are sisters, what about you?

Eric said...

Stephy is the mother of Fatty and Ally.

Santa said...

Oh, I see. So it's all in the family. How sweet!

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