Thursday, March 12, 2009

I want my own bed TOO!

I tell you ar.. I have such irritating roommates. I stay in my Mummy's house, together with my twin sister Ally and my real mummy, Stephy. Mummy also not so fair wan - last time only got one bed, so Stephy, who thinks she's the princess, gets the bed.

Now, Mummy and Daddy bought a new sofa bed, a more solid and nicer bed. So there's two beds altogether.

Now Stephy takes the new bed - and treats it like her throne.

And stupid Ally then so fast steal the old bed.

"So bad and so cham to me - I have to result to kao kao on the floor!"



Santa said...

Poor you, Fatty! Ask your daddy and mummy to get you a bed. Better still, you can sleep with them in their bed!

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