Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fatty's Guide to Kuala Lumpur - Out of Kuala Lumpur.

On the DAY THREE of Fatty's Guide to Kuala Lumpur, I'm going to take you out of Kuala Lumpur. We've generally not really been out of Kuala Lumpur - but after consulting Daddy, I thought I shall steal some photos from online to show it to you all.. who knows, Daddy might just bring me this weekend!

I would suggest that you make arrangements with the hotel concierge for this, and then wake up early enough for it. The time to allow for it is say, from morning til about 5pm, right before dinner.

On Day Three, I'm bringing you all to GENTING HIGHLANDS!!!

GENTING HIGHLANDS is situated about 45 minutes away from KL, and is about 6,000 ft above sea level. The temperature there can be quite cooling, to about 15 degrees celcius. I would suggest taking a cab halfway - and then taking the long and scary cable car all the way up! Its apparently the longest in the whole of ASIA!

There's generally three interesting features of Genting Highlands.

One there's a very huge Chinese temple about three quarters up the hill - which is very nice. Daddy goes there with Grandpa every year during Chinese New Year to do the prayers, and it has a good view of the tropical rainforests.

If you're into theme parks, theres the GENTING THEME PARK - which boasts an indoor and outdoor theme park. It has many roller coasters, cup rides, cinemas, a lot of eateries as well as a SNOWWORLD! But then again, I'm sure your humans have seen 'real' snow - hence no such need to see 'fake' snow.

Lastly, if your humans enjoy gambling, Genting Highlands is also home to the one and only casino in the country; it is also the only hilltop casino in the whole of South East Asia.

Mmm what to do when we get back to KL in the evening?

Ohhh... there's MORE FOOD AGAIN!!!

Daddy and Mummy suggests to go back to the city for dinner.. and then maybe drinks and some beers to call it a night!

What shall we do on DAY FOUR?

There're a couple of choices. Should I bring you to some more shopping centres out of KL city, or perhaps, maybe totally out of the city? Do let me know your choice!

Shopping centres out of the city is like... there's this huge one called ONE UTAMA, which is about 30 minutes away by car, and then there's the MIDVALLEY MEGAMALL, which is closer, about 20 minutes away also by car...


Out of the city... we do suggest to your humans, if they like historical monuments and so on, to check out MALACCA. Malacca is about 90 minutes away by car. It is the place where few hundred years ago, the Portuguese and then the Dutch and subsequently, the British occupation started.

Or... out of the city again, up to the hilltops of CAMERON HIGHLANDS, which is 3 hours away by car. These place would require a stayover, as Mummy says there's lots of things to do here, such as enjoyin the ceylon tea over sunrise, plucking strawberries, and a lot more!

Okay JD and Max... do let me know ok.. I shall plan!



Extreme Power said...

Yes cute. And nice pictures too. Go Taiping and shoot some nice ones.

Oskar said...

It looks like a beautiful and very wonderful place where you live.

JD and Max said...

Hi Fatty - you really are an amazing tour guide, our humans really do 'ooh' and 'ahhh' over your KL posts and they're everso excited about visiting. Hey - they have asked us if we will do a special 'thankful Thursday' post this week, dedicated to you and your humans, as we're all so pleased and delighted to know you.

They had no idea about the theme park and would LOVE to go there! They'd also love to visit Malacca, but sadly as male human does suffer quite badly from travel sickness when he's in a car they'll probably not do the Cameron Highlands.

Thank you SO much for another brilliant guide - they simply can't wait to visit!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

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