Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fatty's Guide to Bahasa Melayu (The Malay Language)

Since JD and Max's humans are coming down, I thought I need to teach them some basic Malay language words so that they can go everywhere and anywhere they want at ease. Dont get me wrong - English is widely used here, but sometimes you just want to try to local language...

Anyways, here are some basic phrases and words to take note:-

SELAMAT PAGI - "cir-lar-mutt pa-gee" - Good Morning!

TERIMA KASIH - "ter-rim-ma car-see" - Thank you!

TANDAS - "Ton-dust" - Toilets!

SAYA - "su(from suddenly) - ya" - I/ME

MAHU - "mah-who" - want

MINUM - "mint-noom" - DRINK!

MAKAN - "mah-cant" - EAT!

BELI - "barely" - BUY!

ANJING - "UN (from understand) - jink" - Doggie!!!

Important here to note that... pls do note. DO NOT tell the guys, "Saya mahu makan anjing!" - it means I want to eat DOG! If you are looking for dog food/treats, its called "Saya mahu beli makanan anjing!" - of which MAKANAN "mah-cant-nun" is FOOD!

This is our 'MAKANAN'.

For meat types, here are some words to remember...

LEMBU - "lamb-boo" - BEEF/COW...

KAMBING - "come-bing" - GOAT/MUTTON...

Our favourite. AYAM - "Ah-Yum"
It means CHICKEN! Our favourite!!!

IKAN - "eeee-cant" - Fish!

ARNAB - "arrrrr-nub" - Rabbit! Yes, they serve rabbit meat here.

DURIAN... pronounced as DURIAN also - its Malaysia's King of Fruits!

INI - "eee-neee" - This...

ITU - "eee-too" - That...

BANYAK - "bah-nyak" - too much / very much

MAHAL - "mah-hull" - expensive

...and then we put it together...

INI BANYAK MAHAL - this very expensive!

JALAN - pronounced as "Jar-Lon" (as in LONdon)
It means Road/Street...

How about some numbers too?

I'm the only ONE here.

Satu - "su-too" - ONE!

Dua - "do-ah" - TWO!

Theres Two of us!!!!!

Tiga - "tee-gah" - THREE!

Mmm I wonder where's Greedy now...

Empat - "Amp-pat" - FOUR!

Daddy's got 5 fingers - but I got FOUR!

Lima - "lee-mah" - FIVE!

Enam - "errrr-numb" - SIX!

Theres like SIX of us here in this photo...

Tujuh - "too-jo" - SEVEN!

Lapan - "lah-pan" - EIGHT!

Sembilan - "Sam-bee-land" - NINE!

Yes... before Daddy and Mummy had us, they used to like bunnies!!!!!

Sepuluh - "sap-poo-loh" - TEN!

Seratus - "sah-rahhhh-toss" - ONE HUNDRED!

Seribu - "sah-rib-booo" - ONE THOUSAND!

Mmm... did I miss out any other important words?



Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm sure this will khome in khwite handy fur them!


JD and Max said...

Oooh, terima kasih Fatty!! This is great - our humans admit they are RUBBISH at languages (female human DESPERATELY wishes she could pick up another language but for some reason her brain doesn't seem to be wired to retain lanugages - she's lost count of the money she's spent trying to learn French and Arabic!) They are delighted at this post and especially love your 'number' photos - great fun! Female human is now going round the house counting things, he he he! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Oskar said...

You, Fatty are a genius host for your country. They should make you a special schnauzer ambassador.

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