Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stylish Saturday: My NEW Style!

*this is going to be a short post...*

Remember how I started the 'Stylish Saturday' thread? This week, I am back again.. with a different twist!

This is me. My name is Fatty.

Ohh.. whos that? It cant be Ally... can it?

And... TAA DAHHH!!!!

Do you know who is this?

The answer is.......


Today, Daddy and Mummy brought me out for a lil haircut... and the old look, no more.

Now I'm all new. The lighter version. Daddy says I'm more aerodynamic now.

One more look...

I hope I still look cute.



JD and Max said...

Fatty - you look gorgeous! We mean - we loved your long haired style but now - va va voom girl! We absoultely ADORE your ears - we couldn't see how beautifully and delicately they hung previously. You are even more cute - we didn't think that could have been possible! How do you feel? And what does Ally think? Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Sasha said...

Fatty, that is a very good haircut! You look great!

Puppy kisses

Oskar said...

You look very beautiful!!

SaSa said...

your new look so nice!! thumb up!

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