Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fatty's Guide to Kuala Lumpur - Day Two.

Here's DAY TWO of Fatty's Guide to Kuala Lumpur.

From Novotel, you may notice that the KLCC, or the Petronas Twin Towers is situated just also minutes away - on the opposite direction of Pavilion.

Just down the road is this place where there's lots of fish!!! We're wondering why these fishes are somehow not for eating though - I mean, we love FISH! This place is called AQUARIA - Daddy says its some kinda underwater world thingy where they brought in fishes from the sea to hang around here... wow thats cool...

Interactive guide to Aquaria...

There's this little tunnel from Aquaria that connects you directly to KLCC! For your information, the KLCC Petronas Twin Towers, being at 88 storeys, mmm that must be like 1,000 times our height, was once the tallest buildings in the world.

We've never been there yet - but KLCC boasts some interesting features!

Firstly, there's a massive shopping centre at the podium levels, with both upmarket branded shopping right down to the mass markets ones. There's this Japanese based shopping centre called ISETAN thats inside KLCC, and they have everything from clothes right up to food!

Secondly, if you're one who's not afraid of heights, go up to the middle of the Twin Towers and cross over the link bridge. Daddy and Mummy are kinda afraid of heights, so they actually havent been there before.

Ohh, Daddy also mentioned that it is not advisable to climb the building, as just last month, one French guy called Alain Robert climbed the building right up to the pinnacle from the outside and was arrested on the way down.

They have this huggee park at the back of the KLCC - but its not doggie friendly, so we have not been there before. Daddy compares this to Hyde Park in London, but then this KLCC Park is probably 10 times smaller..

If you had all the energy walking across the park, then there's the next good part! Daddy suggests that if your humans want to take good pictures of BOTH the towers, then you have to cross over the park...

There you go... its a pretty good view from here!

Since I'm here, might as well give a little pose for Daddy! Hehehe...

One more for the road!

If you're still into tall buildings, we suggest you then take a taxi...

Yeah.. one of these...

...take a taxi and head to the KL TOWER!

It apparently still holds the record of tallest telecommunications tower in the world! There's a rooftop restaurant up here which serves 'not very nice food' according to Daddy - it is expensive too, but one thing is that you can get a panoramic view of the whole city!!!

By this time, its probably evening already - and lets bring you to another good place for food and some form of 'flea market shopping'!

Jump into the cab again and go to PETALING STREET! You can also ask for JALAN SULTAN.

This is the CHINATOWN of Malaysia.

Ohh, while these restaurants look good and fanciful, Daddy advises your humans NOT to dine here at the restaurants in front. These restaurants were opened here solely on ONE PURPOSE - to con the foreign tourists! The food here is much more expensive than most other places around, but it is indeed in a very strategic location.

Go into the PETALING STREET and walk about - buy some fake watches and fake handbags if you want; but the key here is to NEGOTIATE! Daddy once witness a foreign tourist buying a fake TAG HEUER watch for like RM500 when it was earlier sold to a local for RM200! What a CON!!!

So, for food, head back onto the main street called JALAN SULTAN, and enjoy the delicacies across the road or further down the street.

Ohhh... as for treats for you boys, tell your humans to head down to the shop called PetsMore - its just down the road. In fact, Daddy and Mummy got our carrier bags and lots of treats from one of the PetsMore chains.

After dinner, your humans might want to check out this club/bar called Sky Bar. It is located at the rooftop of Traders Hotel, which is next to Aquaria and walking distance from Novotel. Daddy and Mummy says that there's a swimming pool in the middle of the club - and do note - the pool is not for swimming; its for show only. And DONT FALL IN!

That should wrap up DAY TWO.

Mmm where should I bring them on DAY THREE? Cultural places? Historical places? Ohh... I know... after two hot days, I shall bring you to a cold place next!

Watch this space!


p.s. now that we know the dates, Daddy said the dates somehow clashes with Chinese New Year... mmm... most shops might just be closed. I guess I'll havta draft a new itinery then...
p.p.s. ohh ohh its Mummy's birthday tomorrow!!


JD and Max said...

Hi Fatty - we apologise for not responding sooner but our humans have only just got home from a night out!

Another brilliant post - you are the best tour guide ever! Our humans would like to go up the twin towers - but think they're probably gonna feel queasy. They say it's a case of 'when in Rome....' whatever the heck that means...he he he!

We will DEMAND they go to PetsMore - he he! - and they're drooling at the sound of China Town. Thanks for all the great tips - your guide is amazing. Can't wait to see what the cold place is - very exciting.

Hey - we hope your mummy has a brilliant birthday with lots of schnauzer love and suggles! And possibly ice cream....? He he!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Oskar said...

Ooh happy birthday to your mommy! You are the bestest tour guides. My mom person says we probably can't come, though, something about halfway around the world!

Nellie and Calvert said...

Happy birthday to your mommy! Hope you celebrated her birthday just as she did yours; in style!

Thank you for the tour, you're a wonderful guide....

Neliie & Calvert (The Giant)

Santa and Minnie said...

That's a great guide around KL!

Please send our birthday wishes to your mummy and do give her our licks!!

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