Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ally's Guide to... GENTING HIGHLANDS!

Fatty has been doing all the travelogues and travel guides to Kuala Lumpur and some food places - but today, I have decided to hijack the BLOG and come up with my portion - my GUIDE to... GENTING HIGHLANDS!!!!

I read that Fatty suggested to JD and Max's humans of Genting Highlands in her guide, but she had never came to write her blog post on it yet - cos why? I guess she dont quite remember of her last experience there. Me neither, thats why I bugged Daddy to bring us there!!!

So it was Sunday, quite a sunny day, and then Daddy decided... "Okay, lets go!"

On the way to the highway (that sounds weird isnt it?), Daddy made a quick stop - and guess what he bought for us? Mmmmm...

Fatty: McDONALDS!!!! Yes thank you Daddy!!!!

Daddy: Okay, I need to drive ok. Everybody chill first!

(acting cute...) Mmmm Daddy, do you need some help?

...with the driving, or the food, for instance? *grins*

Daddy: Okay I'll give you the food if you are good girl ok...

"I will be a good girl.. Okay everybody sit down. Daddy's gonna drive now!!!"

"oooo... but whats that on Mummy's hands?

Is that ice cream??? When there's ice cream, how to be good???? Mmmm....

I wonder what else is there...

Is that McNUGGETS????

Fatty: You see why you cannot do the guide posts? You're always distracted by FOOD! Eeeshh...

So, anyways, we came to this little place.. all the cars had to drive past it, and apparently pay to use the road. I wonder if we were to walk here, do we need to pay the toll?

Fatty: While Ally is busy scouting around and talking, let me enjoy some ice cream from Mummy first!!! Mmm the sundae cone has never tasted so goodddd.....

Fatty: Mummy Mummy.. give me more!!!

Fatty: And a bit moree!!!!!

Eeesh.. greedy Fatty. Anyways, we reached midway through the hills by then; I was already feeling very restless.

Here's the little signboard that you'll see at the midway point...

A bit further up, theres this place called GOHTONG JAYA. There are some good food there - and we recently found out, that theres even a new STRAWBERRY FARM here!!!

Then, we do not need to go to Cameron Highlands anymore to see Strawberries!

Hehehe.. before I continue, let me check and make sure Fatty did not finish all the food...

One, two.. three.. four.. how come only FOUR McNuggets? Daddy got conned!

So, I continued helping Daddy drive up.. and very soon, we reached one of the main features of Genting Highlands!!!

Remember the cable car (Genting Skyway) that Fatty mentioned the other time? We didnt get on.. but we were very very close to it...

It looked like it was going to hit my head.. but then I avoided a bit here and there to make sure it wont hit me.

And then I tried to count how many cable cars are there.. but I got a bit bored after awhile. There were just too many!

So, we looked up and guess what we saw...

The PAGODA temple - the next destination!!!!!

The weather was getting cooler, so I stuck my nose and head out to enjoy the cold breeze...

Mummy calls me a Shorty cos I cant see much, but then its not as though Fatty is that much taller right?

Fatty: As a matter of fact, I AM! I AM WAY TALLER THAN YOU!

A very giant Fatty looking out.

Remember the picture that Fatty stole from the Internet?

Yeah.. this one...

Here's MY version.

See... much bigger and nicer isnt it? Daddy says this is a temple - and a very holy place. And being in Malaysia; although we are Malaysians, but then we are not humans, so we cant exactly go in there. Mmmphhh!!

Soon, Daddy got off the car with us - there's a trick that he did.

And then he gave me a SCARE!!!

Daddy got hungry and wanted to eat some cars!!!!

After his 'automo-meal', he carried us, yes, carried us in the carrier bag and off we went into the temple. We didnt take any photos at the praying area, but we did a few at the tortoise area!

...Daddy was so nice to carry us BOTH in the bag...

Here's some tortoises. They actually look quite cute. But seems kinda smelly though.

Ohh... check out that one in front; Mummy says the tortoise is chillaxing!!!

See what I mean?

Ohh.. here's the proof that we came along too. Check out the bag...

Mummy Mummy!!! Zoooom in pls!!!

Can you see my nose?

Fatty: Thats my nose, by the way...

Then we headed further into the cave... to see something different...


Daddy washed his hands with the holy water. We wanted to take a dip or perhaps a gulp too, but Daddy didnt let us, cos he says those are from the mountains!

Anyways, it was getting late already. We didnt take that many photos after that..

But one thing is, the area up the hill, on the resort itself, was very cold and foggy!

Like this...

And this!!!!!

Fatty: Yeah.. and by this time, Ally, being the baby and kid here, was already too tired to finish up the posting. She went to the backseat and slept with Mummy while I accompanied Daddy in the driving...

"She needs a lot more stamina isnt it?"


Ally + Fatty (just the ending part.. Hehehe)


JD and Max said...

Hi Ally - that was a great post, wonderful photos. Our humans sure would like to visit that place when they're over and go on the cable cars.

But we just want to say WOW - your daddy eats CARS?!! He's TOUGH!

We do love your doggie bags - we have to say there is no way we would stay still if we were put in one though.

Again we say - wonderful post!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Teagan said...

Woof! That was just THE most exciting trip!! And you got to go in the temple hidden in a bag.. I bet you weren't allowed to woof. Mummy and I loved all the pictures, thank you for letting us see your journey. x x Teagan x x

Nellie and Calvert (The Giant) said...

Ally -

What beautiful pictures, thank you so much for sharing them with us. We are quite taken with the Temple, the tortoises and most of all with the photos of the fog... oooh very very scary. But we're sure you're safe, after all, if your daddy can eat cars then he can protect all of you!

Nellie & Calvert

Julia said...

Wow! What a great trip! And very cool outfits, by the way, guys. Maggie and lulu

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