Friday, August 28, 2009


Hey my fellow friends and readers,

I have a very important trivia question - a very important question that needs to be answered quickly before we decide whether to take the risk. I believe this question - needs to be answered by JD and Max's beloved Sasha, the Miniature Schnauzer from Down Under... (boys, try and get Sasha to answer the question - will ya?)

Okay.. here it goes...


Yes... this one. The huge kangaroo!

Our Aunty bought this for us from her recent visit to Melbourne... and zoom in and see what it says!

SO, can we EAT KANGAROO???


p.s. we'll try and see if we can share the treats if you guys can answer the question for us.


Sasha said...

Hi Fatty & Ally

Mmm... I love those treats!

Yes! Yes, you can eat kangaroo! My human says it's one of the best-quality meats you can get - it's very high in protein and very low in fat.

She says some humans feel a bit funny about eating it, because kangaroos are very cute and fluffy (though obviously not as cute and fluffy as us!).

Humans buy it at the supermarket as mince or roast or steaks, and posh restaurants also serve it up all fancy.

Me, I like kangaroo sausages.

Enjoy your new treats!

Puppy kisses

Tinkerbell said...

To my black cousins,

Kangaroo meat are perfecty fine and delicious. Mummy brought some for me too, and cousin Mindy enjoys it (so are the 3 dogs from our neighbour's house). So no worries. Just tuck it.

Oskar said...

Well I'm glad Sasha answered your question. I don't know about eating kangaroo, but now I know in case any happen to wander by my house.

JD and Max said...

Hi Girls - we knew Sasha would know the answer, she's one smart pup!

Wow - why don't you post a picture of you two tucking into your kangaroo treats?! We'd like to see that!

Hey Fatty - are you going to get the stroller this weekend?!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

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