Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Other Cousin, Goldie.

Hi all of you,

Let me introduce you to some of my cousins; actually generation-wise, they are supposed to be my aunties. Mmm... But anyways, I personally do find them all annoying and irritating, but except for one of them - cousin Goldie. Hehehe...

Lets start off now..

First off, there's this annoying BUT somehow look super happy when she sees me - she's a Shih Tzu, and her name is Mindy.

..and then of course theres the super stucked-up Tinkerbell.

and oh.. the hero of the day, Goldie.

Today Daddy found a little rat in his room - mmm. (us Schnauzers are supposedly born mousehunters...) He equipped himself with the weapons and armory to capture the little rat.

But he still couldnt catch the fella - and he resulted in calling in the Exterminator.

Within minutes, the rat was cornered and captured.

A job well done.

Wow... damn efficient.

Thanks GOLDIE! Imagine if Goldie wasnt there and I was there, I bet you Daddy would make ME the EXTERMINATOR! Hehehe...

I mean... can you imagine a mouse in my mouth? Ewww...

But there was a mouse/rat in my mouth. Mmm...






Hehehe gotcha!!!



Nellie and Calvert said...

Ally we are so happy you didn't have to catch that mouse, it would be so beneath you! Us Schnauzers are meant to be spoiled and doted on. Glad that Goldie was there to save the day.

Hope you put Mickey down, I'm sure Minnie was missing him... heheheh


JD and Max said...

Hi Ally - wow, Goldie is amazing! What a super efficient job she did. Nellie and Calvert are quite right - us Schnauzers are far too well bred to do jobs like this! He he - we liked the photo of you with Mickey Mouse dangling from your mouth though! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

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