Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Visit To Daddy's Office.

We had always loved to go to Daddy's office - and just recently we dropped by there again. However, this time, we didnt go to his room - instead we just hung around the ground floor area.

Ohh.. here's a little recap of Daddy's office.

Its called 3 Two Square; apparently Grandpa gave it the name. Wow.. we wonder what it means...

Here's a little picture of us wondering around the corridors...

Without further delay, lets go to our favourite part - camwhore!

Fatty!!! Look at the camera will you!!!!

But she didnt want to - and she copycat-d me to look sideways.. heheehehehe so cute!

Fatty: Why do you want my photo for anyway?

Ally: Cos this is my blog post - and I need you to look properly at the camera...

Fatty: Like this?

Ally: Yes my dear sister. Thats PERFECT!!!

After the short camwhoring session, Daddy and Mummy headed off to this coffee place called Starbucks. Hehehe... too bad we cant take coffee. We're sure it would taste good!!!



Life With Dogs said...

Hmmm. Any chance you get a paycheck for you effort? :)

Diana said...

Hi Fatty and Ally, looks like the both of you are having a great time being taken around by your daddy and mummy. I have an award for you, do hop over to my blog to check it out.


JD and Max said...

Hi girls - sorry for not being around for a few days, our humans have been ridiculously busy, we're thinking of re-recruiting if this is the sort of sloppy service they continue to offer....he he he!

Wow, you sure are lucky to be able to visit your daddy's office. Dogs are not allowed where our humans work and we know they'd LOVE to take us into work with them. As Life with Dogs says though - we really do think you shuld have got a paycheck for your efforts!! Just think of how much morale must skyrocket whenever you two cuties turn up!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

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