Wednesday, August 5, 2009

TAG!... and Happy Birthday Stephy.

We wanted to make this a Wordless Wednesday post - but since our friends from UK, JD and Max tagged us in this TAG game, we decided this will be the post to be.. Anyways, here are the game rules...

* Open the folder that contains Pet photos.
* Select any photo in that folder that you haven’t posted previously.
* Post that photo along with the story behind it on your blog.

Ally: Oh by the way, today would have been Stephy's 5th birthday...

Fatty: Yeah... we miss her a lot, Mummy and Daddy does too.

Ally: Hence, we've decided to feature Stephy.

Fatty: She's up there with Uncle now - so we're featuring Uncle too.

Ally: Plus, since we love Daddy so much - lets feature him as well.

Fatty: Yeyyyy lets have the three of them in the picture.

Ally: How about Mummy then?

Fatty: This is a shower pic - if Mummy was in there, it would be too obscene.

Anyways, TAAA DAAAAA!!!!!!!!

This picture was actually taken before we were born - back in January of 2005.

Mummy and Daddy tells us that back then Daddy used to shower Uncle and Stephy every week himself - so he'll dump them both in the bathtub and take a shower with them too. Hehehe... interesting thought. Uncle didnt like the water too much as was Stephy, so they were always struggling to get out of the bathtub. We think that it would be a real funny sight to see if we were born then...

Ally: NO NO!! If we were born then we would be in the bathtub TOO!

Fatty: Ohh yeah... we prefer not then...

Anyways, to end this post, we would like to wish Stephy, who's up there in the heavens with Uncle and Chili too...


We miss you!!!

Fatty & Ally

p.s. ohh by the way, Ally's feelin cranky cos no one commented on her Spiderman post.


Captain Nemo said...

Hello cranky Ally - oh, sorry, that was for the previous post wasn't it, ha ha!

Lovely post girls - Stephy would have enjoyed it. Very cute picture of your family. :) Nemo.

JD and Max said...

Hi girls - thanks for playing. Hmmm, we wouldn't have minded if your mummy had been in the picture too - but our female human tells us we're FAR to young to be saying such things....he he he! What a lovely story - it's nice to see Stephy and Uncle - they both look real cute in that photo! Tail wags - JD and Max.

Eric said...

our Daddy wouldnt have allowed Mummy's photo to be in there... hehe

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