Monday, August 31, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award.

Hey you!!!

Guess what, we have received some award!!!!

Yeah - we both received this award from our lovely friend, Santa (the one with the super huge ears!) hehehe... We would like to thank Santa for giving us that lovely award.

Mmm but then again, we always feel that its so unfair - cos by the time the awards reaches us, all our friends had already received their awards already - and we cant pass along to them.

Mmmm... what should we do then?

Fatty & Ally

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Other Cousin, Goldie.

Hi all of you,

Let me introduce you to some of my cousins; actually generation-wise, they are supposed to be my aunties. Mmm... But anyways, I personally do find them all annoying and irritating, but except for one of them - cousin Goldie. Hehehe...

Lets start off now..

First off, there's this annoying BUT somehow look super happy when she sees me - she's a Shih Tzu, and her name is Mindy.

..and then of course theres the super stucked-up Tinkerbell.

and oh.. the hero of the day, Goldie.

Today Daddy found a little rat in his room - mmm. (us Schnauzers are supposedly born mousehunters...) He equipped himself with the weapons and armory to capture the little rat.

But he still couldnt catch the fella - and he resulted in calling in the Exterminator.

Within minutes, the rat was cornered and captured.

A job well done.

Wow... damn efficient.

Thanks GOLDIE! Imagine if Goldie wasnt there and I was there, I bet you Daddy would make ME the EXTERMINATOR! Hehehe...

I mean... can you imagine a mouse in my mouth? Ewww...

But there was a mouse/rat in my mouth. Mmm...






Hehehe gotcha!!!


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Supper.

Sometime last week, Daddy and Mummy were driving around - with us in the car of course, and were searching for some kinda supper and so on. Mmm we sneakily and curiously listened - and made sure they bought something that we could EAT too.. hehehe...

Anyways, we stopped somewhere at SS2 area, and then Mummy got off the car...

"Mummy, where are you going?"

Fatty: I wanna see too!!!

Mummy, get us something yummy ok!!!

Can you spot our Mummy?

Fatty: I can.. she's standing there!!!! waiting for something that smells and looks delicious!

"Ohh... I can see her also!!! Yeyyy Mummy Mummy!!!!!'"

Mmm.. I wonder what Mummy bought - quite a lot of stuffs. But they havent announced which are for us yet!

Ooo... can you guys spot the fishballs? Those are ALL OURS!!!!!


p.s. we apologize for the blur photos - it was taken with Daddy's iPhone.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Hey my fellow friends and readers,

I have a very important trivia question - a very important question that needs to be answered quickly before we decide whether to take the risk. I believe this question - needs to be answered by JD and Max's beloved Sasha, the Miniature Schnauzer from Down Under... (boys, try and get Sasha to answer the question - will ya?)

Okay.. here it goes...


Yes... this one. The huge kangaroo!

Our Aunty bought this for us from her recent visit to Melbourne... and zoom in and see what it says!

SO, can we EAT KANGAROO???


p.s. we'll try and see if we can share the treats if you guys can answer the question for us.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Visit To Daddy's Office.

We had always loved to go to Daddy's office - and just recently we dropped by there again. However, this time, we didnt go to his room - instead we just hung around the ground floor area.

Ohh.. here's a little recap of Daddy's office.

Its called 3 Two Square; apparently Grandpa gave it the name. Wow.. we wonder what it means...

Here's a little picture of us wondering around the corridors...

Without further delay, lets go to our favourite part - camwhore!

Fatty!!! Look at the camera will you!!!!

But she didnt want to - and she copycat-d me to look sideways.. heheehehehe so cute!

Fatty: Why do you want my photo for anyway?

Ally: Cos this is my blog post - and I need you to look properly at the camera...

Fatty: Like this?

Ally: Yes my dear sister. Thats PERFECT!!!

After the short camwhoring session, Daddy and Mummy headed off to this coffee place called Starbucks. Hehehe... too bad we cant take coffee. We're sure it would taste good!!!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Can anyone guess who is this? Hehehe...

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm a Baby!!!

My Daddy has made up for not bringing me home on Saturday night - he brought us out everywhere yesterday. When Daddy came over with Ally after lunch, firstly he brought us out to brush teeth. Soon after, we went around KL and all - and then after that, came home. But before we could get into the house, we went for our favourite walkies around Mummy's - Daddy was super exhausted; so was I, and poor Daddy had to carry me as I didnt feel like walking. After we got home, Daddy and Mummy brought us out AGAIN for dinner at this place called Damansara Village Steamboat. Wow... thats a lot of travelling for a day!

Oh, by the way, yesterday when Daddy and Mummy brought us out to brush teeth, we also went to check out some strollers that were at the shop... and Daddy was thinking of getting one for me and Ally...

See how cute I look when I'm in it?

So, do you think we should get it?


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Daddy also can!!!

Remember our post earlier on Mummy's photography skills?

Turns out Daddy can too!!!

And Daddy also know how to PHOTOSHOP!!! Hehehehe... Check out his photos!!!

Do u notice my eyes are bigger here?

Hehehe so pretty isnt it?

I should be going home soon.. mmm.... I bet you Fatty will give me a tongue lashing!


Daddy, You Left Me At Home!

Last night, Daddy only brought Ally back to his place. I was looking forward to going to Daddy's, but he only brought Ally. Mmm why didnt he bring me? Did he leave me behind to take care of Mummy? (Why cant Ally do that?) Was he angry at me for peeing in the car? Mmm....

Mmm.. next week perhaps. Next week...

I'm so upset.. so disappointed. so down...


p.s. I will give Ally a piece of my mind later when she comes home!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Mummy's a Photographer too!

Today's post is a very short one - but a special one as we want our fans/readers/friends and anyone else to comment on the two photos that we are attaching here... why? Cos these are Mummy's attempt at some professional photography - with some super hot models - ohh thats US!

Anyways, here they are...

...check out that detail...

I think I have some kinda George Clooney stare... hehehe...

Anyways, we want to hear your comments!! So let it all roll!!!! Dont just comment on how cute we are - do also comment on our Mummy's photography skills!

Fatty & Ally

Friday, August 21, 2009


I believe this is a tough competition for us schnauzers - cos we are GREEDY!!!

Can you spot the Schnauzer?

Or do you only see the delicious and tasty BURGER!?



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday.

Sleepy day...

When Mummy is at home to accompany us, sometimes we feel that we can get bored easily. I mean, when Mummy isnt working, why cant she take us out and meet our darling fans!??!???? Or at least - feed us. Again and again... hehehe...

Anyways, today was a sleepy and perhaps, quite a boring day.

I was just lying around... plain lying around...

The view of the room is very different like this...

Everything seems to be upside down!
Fatty: Thats because you are UPSIDE DOWN, you doink!

Ooo... I'm gettin a headache already.

Okay thats all for now. All this lying around has made me tired and I need a nap right now... zzzZzzZzZZZzzzzz...


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Sleep with a Cat...

I heard that a lot of people say that dogs cant possibly stay or live with cats - but to me, let me tell you that I am totally different. I actually SLEEP with a CAT!!!!! The cat's name is.... DORAEMON!

The blue cat is taking up half of the bed!!!

Mummy!!! How come it wont run away when I disturb it?

I guess I have to snuggle up closer then since Doraemon wont move...

I'm so lucky that Ally isnt trying to share the bed too.

Otherwise, I would be on the floor now. Mmmph!!!!

I dont have enough space to sleep!!!!

Angry Fatty

p.s. how come we didnt get any comments on my previous post?

Monday, August 17, 2009

F&N Freestylz! : If You Dance, We WIN!

Have you had an F&N drink before?

To be frank, we doggies havent tried it before - but we know our Daddy and Mummy has. We know they love the drinks too!!! Hehehehe...

Yesterday, after we woke up and had all the treats we wanted from Grandmama, Daddy brought us out to this place called Pet Lovers Centre, somewhere at Ikano Power Centre for our weekly teeth brushing!!! Hehehe... We always enjoy our trips there cos we always meet our darling fans and friends! Hehehe...

So, after our teeth brushing, Daddy met up with Mummy and headed off to this place - it smelt like really good food. I heard its called Tony Roma's. Hehe. Oh... Uncle Kenny Sia was there too. Hehehe... and he was the one who invited us to this event!

Here's a pic of Mummy with Uncle Kenny. We like Uncle Kenny cos he's just so funny - and he's such a famous blogger! We want to be super famous too, just like him! Hehehe...

Anyways, as always with events, they gave out goodie bags.. and here's ours...

Daddy was hoping to win the Sony PSP... hehehe lets hope he does win...

Oh, I just realized that I havent posted photos of ourselves yet!

Can you see me in the background?

Daddy allowed us to choose what we wanted - and since my Daddy was wearing a cap and I love Daddy so much, I decided to take the cap too!!!

Me in a cool F&N Freestylz cap - and my Daddy in his Y-3 cap.. hehe.. cool!

..and darling Ally got the scarf - the one that makes her look like Superman!!! Hehehe...

Oh Oh... Superman somehow cant fly - so Superman has to sit in the BAG! Ahahahahaha... poor Ally!

Before we conclude the post, lets see if Daddy's F&N Can dances.. cos if it does, it means we have the chance to win something!!!!!




It DOES!!!! Yeyyyyy....

We bring Daddy lotsa luck!!!