Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jelly-licious Weekend... Part 2.

So, today Mummy and Daddy went to this place called Pavilion - and it seems that our favourite jelly cake shop had opened in Pavilion - in fact, just yesterday. So Mummy bought us some delicious jelly cakes... (To Twinkle, now you can get your Mummy or Daddy to buy from Pavilion also.. their main HQ is actually in Puchong.. ahaha) anyways, from what I know, there were 4 cakes... but Mummy gave out 3 only to the 3 of us.. I wonder where the 4th one went to...

Somehow Stephy was tryin to fight with me for the jelly cake... eeeshhh leave me alone!

Mummy Mummy... gimme SOME plsssss!!!

Here here!!!

Oooo smells sooooo good....

Fatty was fed by Daddy... I'll let her post her own pictures ok..

So my fellow friends out there, if you are from Klang Valley (means KL or PJ), do go to this place called Q-Jelly, at Ikano or Pavilion or even One Utama to get the delicious jelly ok...



Lorenza said...

That jelly is beautiful! I would not like to eat it... well.. I will!
Kisses and hugs

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