Monday, May 18, 2009

Minding Our Manners...

hey pawpals!

Its was a tiring day for us all yesterday...

We had a McValue meal shooting and excursion to our favourite restaurant Mack dollness! *yummilicious* and mummy treated us like super stars so her SLR camera was just at a snapping frenzy... (for your information, due to some minor editing, the post is scheduled to be on release within the next 48 hours...)

Its so hard to cope when you are a star *flips hair* :D

Daddy kept asking me to shoosh when we were at the drive through and he pretty well thought i had no manners for barking ferrociously at the lady there (stephy thought she was great and friendly cos she was the creme de la creme who took our orders, anything could go bad if we were rude to her)..

So to teach daddy a lesson, i posed for Mummy earlier to show him my true colors..

See, i treat people with great respect k! I let Ally drink water first while i patiently wait for my turn..

First i was standing but ally took too long, so i decided to sit for a while cos i was tired..

It was then finally my turn.

Dont i just deserve loads of pucker up from Mummy and Daddy? Mummy says i have the best manners among all and im her fluffy bun, so she noogies me all the time..

Sometimes i love them, but sometimes i DONT! So when i decide its the latter, i turn sideways and pretend to fall down or go to sleep.. See! Thats manners too! It's called politely rejecting an overeacted head rub :D

Love you long time mummy!



JD and Max said...

What a well-brought-up yound lady you are Fatty! Very sweet post - snuggles, JD and Max.

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