Sunday, May 3, 2009

My New Bowl.

I've got a new bowl! I've got a new bowl! I've got a new bowl! *neh neh ni boo boo*

The bowl (plus the new dog food which is like a HUGE palette) really helps me reduce on chokes when i eat my food.. Mummy is so happy because she always get into a panic and worried face everytime after i have taken my food, but now she just finds its amusing when i make use of my new bowl..


*sayang mummy and daddy*



JD and Max said...

Hiya Ally - we've seen these sort of bowls, do they really work? As we eat our food really quick and we know our humans would like us to slow down a bit. We thought they were just for water - do they work with food too? Would appreciate your consumer feedback!! Thanks - snuggles, JD and Max.

Eric said...

Heya JD and Max...

Yes it does work. In fact, it works very well. With the funny partitions in the bowl, now i eat much slower and i no longer choke on my food.


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