Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lucky Stephy.

Hey my fellow fans!!!!

Yes to the topic, cos myself and Ally both think that Stephy is super lucky. Why? I'll explain why.

Do you remember the little cute bags that Daddy and Mummy bought for us last time? Its just so cute right? and to think that becos of those bags, we can go out more often now... ha.. ha.. ha.. so naive of us.

Anyways, mine is yellow colour and I like yellow better.

Ohh... I forgot to mention this... we're sleeping over at Daddy's tonight cos Mummy is away on holiday AGAIN! My Mummy ar... anyways, nevermind, today's post is our complains on our Daddy.

Those bags you see above... our Daddy actually has another motive.

He told usthreatened us that if we are naughty tonight, he'll do the following.

Oh my.. at first I thought it was damn funny to see Ally hanging...

That truly gives us all a new meaning of 'hanging around'... hehe...

But then I thought it was just Ally. Daddy tried it out on ME!

Daddy was being very nasty.... eeeeshhh....

...and he even made me smile for the camera!!!

Mmm... and then guess what?

Remember the first picture? (scroll up if you must...)

Its actually LIKE THIS!!!!!

Daddy hung BOTH of us together...

Okay Daddy, I promise I wont be naughty tonight ok... hehehe...




Back to the title...

So... do you know why STEPHY is SO LUCKY!!?!?!?!????



By the way, we didnt win the McValue photo contest. Now Daddy thinks its a scam cos we didnt win. We think so too - after all, we are super cute right?

Missing our Mummy,

p.s. we'll be making our guest appearance at the Miniature Schnauzer Gathering tomorrow at Desa ParkCity at 4.30pm-ish... come and see us ok!!!


JD and Max said...

Oh my goodness - we're hiding this post from our humans in case they get any ideas! He he he - you look so funny! But you both look very happy to be 'hanging around' too - he he! Very cute. Tail wags - JD and Max.

JD and Max said...

PS - it's a scandal that you didn't win the McCompetition! You really should have - humph! Bet your mummy is missing you loads too.

Eric said...

hey boys...

hehehe... we were really hanging around. In fact, our Daddy was so amused with it and he took us out to meet the other Schnauzers in a Schnauzer gathering in the funny bags too... n worst part is, he hung us round the chairs!!!!! Arrgghhh!!!!!

n yeah... we really miss our Mummy lah...


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