Monday, May 4, 2009

The Naughty Pup Award.


Since Ally and Stephy both did their post already, I guess its only fair when its my turn! Hehe... I was reading JD and Max's blog, and stumbled upon Scott's blog and came across this 'Naughty Pup Competition'... hmmm... actually, we havent been naughty at all, apart from Stephy's shredding antics... but anyways, this is perhaps our most recent 'naughtyness'.

Last week, Mummy brought us out to Desa ParkCity for a little walk...

Without Daddy, Mummy had to handle us alone.

So... our usual formation is actually like this (picture above...)

However, on that day, we decided to be 'naughty' and give Mummy a major headache!!! Hence, we decided that our running formation would be like this... Daddy calls this - playing like Liverpool (means with no direction!)

Hehe... first... I went to the left... Ally decided to go right.. and Stephy stood still.

And then... we all switch places...

Stephy even tried to be funny... by NOT MOVING at all.

Soon we were at it again.. givin Mummy a total headache!

Ahahahahaha... thats for bringing us to SHOWER!

Ohh.. here's the little button that I'm supposed to enclose..

So... would we win the award???




JD and Max said...

He he he - what a headache you gave your mummy! Our humans struggle with just two of us sometimes when we pull the old 'switcheroo' - yours must be very patient!

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