Thursday, June 11, 2009

Helping out Uncle Joe...

Hey my fellow mates!!!

I know some of you are probably still shocked at my big news the other day - but today's post is somehow slightly milder. As I mentioned before previously, I was 'helping' out Uncle Joe at Mummy's photoshoot - but then again, I think I'm a much bigger star than my Mummy. (btw, check out Uncle Joe's work on Facebook!)

I've appointed my Daddy to be my manager/agent; hence if you are interested in hiring me for your photoshoots, the rates are to be negotiated with my Daddy. Hehehe....

I was there for the entire day!!!!!

At first, Mummy was having her 'grooming' done - the adults call it makeup; to me, I think its called 'beautifying' yourself hehehe..

Anyways, enough about my Mummy... this post is about me.

...and I had my fair share of 'beautifying' hehehe...

..after the makeup session was done, I even got a massage therapy from the makeup artist.

So many people turned up to see me in action!

I try my best to help out whenever and wherever I can - otherwise I just sat down at the side while waiting for my turn. Hehe... I told you I am a very good girl...

I can even be a 'prop' if required...

"Hey Aunty, what are you doing? Do you need help?"

..and I waited patiently for my turn in the photoshoot.

Here's a little closeup of my photo..

Mmm okay lah.. let me put up Uncle Joe's cover shot... hehehehe...

So, are you all impressed with my work?

If you are interested in hiring me as your star or co-star, do drop a comment or email to my Daddy ok. Since Daddy has decided to remove the Google Adsense from our blog - I guess its only fair if I do my fair share of helping out my Daddy and Mummy in this tough economy condition.



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