Saturday, June 6, 2009

Extra Extra!! Read/Hear All About It!!

This is the 100th post of this blog - and for this 100th post, we've all decided that I shall blog on this post alone. This is because... I have something special and something really big to announce.

*P.S. a little intermission through my breaking news.. I got groomed yesterday, so i feel much lighter now and my body feels like it is enjoying more of the breeze :)

Ok ok, back to the story..

Firstly, let me begin with reminiscing the time when i first became a mother to my two naughty monkeys (read it here).. Well, that whole motherly instinct suddenly kicked back again and made me wonder if i am still fit to be a mother again.

So in order to prove myself again, i decided to be a cheeky girl *again* :D

Yes yes all.. I'm proud to announce it..

I'm PreGNannTtTtTtTtttt!!!!

Betcha all shocked to hear it and it's a much more exciting post rather than the one we drafted a day ago, but of cos we will be posting that up soon too.

But today its my post and its my day, so i deserve this post alone - especially the fact i have been such a wonderful mother of two for the last 4 years :)

Anyways, Mummy and Daddy are very excited to be Grandpapa and Grandmama's again BUT it did came to a shock to them as it was an unexpected surprise for them - I thought that since mummy and daddy will be celebrating their anniversary somewhere at the end of the month, i would whip up this as a present to commemorate the 5 years that they have been together O:)

Mummy took me to the vet today and hence she found out the truth - I was very secretive about it and mummy was really scratching her head as i wasn't behaving as erratic as i was the first time i was pregnant (i shred one of her favorite novel's called The Devil Wear's Prada, as well as some Archie Comics - mummy is a huge fan and collector... And to top it up, i ripped the label off mummy's favorite pair of Levi's jeans.. Luckily i'm such a spoilt brat, so mummy didn't do anything to me and forgave for being such a pest :P)

I did the Ultrasound thing today, would that mean my babies would be Ultra Schnauzers? *ponders* they put that cold liquid along my belly and it's so soothing, after struggling at the initial stage, i just lied down and let them run this long stick thing around my tummy.. At first i thought it looked like a rotan *whimper* thank goodness it is not, and it is actually very soothing...

The Vet was really nice to me - as she always is to all the 3 of us and she congratulated mummy on my achievement and showed mummy on the screen some black and white thingy that they say is the heart beat of my precious.. She diagnosed that i have 1 to 2 babies, i wonder what that means? All i know is that i'm feeling super hungry all the time and i just can't stop eating or stealing Fatty and Ally's food..

Luckily mummy and daddy went and purchased new dog food for me - i have to go back to eating puppy food for now, because it is much more nutritious for me and my babies. *slurps* that means i have the whole bag for myself *grins*

Oh and something juicy i have included in this post.. The video of my baby and its heart beat - so cool! Mummy got a copy of it so that she could show it to daddy and daddy thinks that i should share it with all of you out there, so that you can share my joy *and pain* too..


Princess Stephy


♥玮倩 said...

wow, this is a really good news!!! (: Congrats on your 100th post ... I cant wait to see your lil babies, although its still early. i'm so excited for you!!!

best regards

JD and Max said...

Oh Stephy, congratulations! How exciting, bet you had fun (naughty chuckle!!) We can't wait to see your new babies. How have Fatty and Ally taken the news? Tail wags - JD and Max.

Eric said...

vodka - hehehe it'll be quite fast - say in a month's time....

JD and Max - I had my fair share of fun alright; Fatty and Ally still seem very blur - but I think they are suspecting something...

Perhaps they'll post up something soon...


Diana said...

This is indeed a "shocking" news!! Whew, do give us some time to digest. Who's that "guy", by the way. Congratulations!!

- Santa

Eric said...

Hi Santa...

Right now I'm keeping it as a secret. Or at least, my Daddy and Mummy do not know who it is... hehehehe...


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