Friday, June 19, 2009

The Story Behind The Birth

Hi all!

This is Stephy's Mummy, which means i'm the Grandmama of the new baby :)

As you all know, Stephy has already given birth and she is now too busy mothering her new born baby, that she refuses to move from the comfy chair she is situated in right now. But i'm pretty sure she would like me to share the stressful story on how Stephy actually gave birth.

Well first of all, it wasn't a simple birth, not like the one that she went through the first time around with Fatty and Ally. This one was far more complex and it nearly caused the death of the new born.

Firstly, not sure whether it was fate or God's will, but I had to call in sick from work today because I was down with a fever. So I decided to chill at home, do up my proposal and just chillex for the rest of the day until Stephy's Daddy finished work. 

Whilst I was busy on the laptop working - and listening to nice Japanese song :D, i heard a shriek that sounded like Stephy. So I ran into the room to look for her (I knew she was in the room because I could hear her digging on the floor - something that she does often BUT never on the grass, funny girl, my daughter). Anyways, so I was searching around but couldn't find her, so I checked under my mum's bed with a torchlight, but she wasn't there too. I found something amiss so I decided to search under my bed (Godknows how she got in there because I packed it full with boxes and nearly impossible for any of my fat ass doggies to go under) and thank goodness I found her there but she was behaving very erratically (I guess she was finding for a spot to give birth or to start her nest) and so grossly, the floor was covered with funny liquidy stuff. I KNOW! Yuck right? Then I started panicking and tried to get Stephy out from under the bed but she refused, even when I tempted her with her favourite Milk Bolo treats. Then I thought I shall shift everything back and pretend that I was not searching for her and I could hear her moving around trying to get out, so thank goodness I managed to pull her out. 

Boy, was she in a bad condition. Her mouth was dirty and her legs were really wet (she is usually farking clean - pardon my pun! For those underaged, don't learn!) and her vagina was like bleeding. I panicked and carried her out to lock her in the ancient cage that they haven't been using at all (yes, she was so angry she was barking her lungs off) and frantically dialled Stephy's Daddy - I didn't know what to do at this point of time, AND he was not much of a help anyway *I forgive you Dear, I know you are busy working to earn money for the kids :D*

To me the best option was to rush her to the vet (Gasing Pet Hospital) which was less than 5 minutes drive from our home. I went to the cupboard, grabbed a towel and carried her to the car with a leash and leashed her to the chair (I had no choice! >.<)

Well, since we didn't know what happened and couldn't confirm how many kids there was, the doctors prepped her for an X-Ray scan to make sure how many babies we should be expecting and if there were any complications that may happen during birth. We only found one! You must be thinking aiyo, all these trouble for one baby? But it's okay, easier to take care of one anyway. But the worry was that the ultra sound scan mentioned there may be a second one. Does this mean Stephy gave birth already and ate the baby? (Because I didn't see any carcass' under the bed) So worrying I tell you!

And to top it off, the expected birth date was supposed to be end of the month. That means the baby is a bit premature. So while stressing, I had a discussion with the doctor and measured the circumstances of the baby dying - because he said sometimes mother's who doesn't want the baby can abort it on their own. The lucky thing is because it is only ONE baby so it doesn't affect the whole litter (I mean, WHAT LITTER? LOL) and I told him I was worried she ate one of the baby cos there may be another one based on the last ultrasound done on 6th of June 2009. Then he said that he should do another ultra sound for her to make sure (he was pretty sure that she didn't eat any of them hehehe) and it was complimentary - I tell you ah, the doctors there damn nice and damn caring! 

Then we did the ultrasound scan and at first Stephy struggled, then she was layaning the cold gel on her tummy as usual. After a thorough search, the doctor confirmed that there was only ONE baby (thank god!) 

*BTW a short transmission, Stephy just left her baby for the first time to drink water and her baby was crying for her and she panicked and ran back to nurse her baby. Awww, so proud of her! She finally became a good mother! Muahahha

Anyways, so as mentioned the expected birth was end of the month and if the baby were to come out now, it would probably be prematured. Worst part is, the water bag broke inside Stephy's stomach (which translates to her bleeding at home) and the chances of the baby dying was rather high because number one there's no water bag to protect her, number two if we took her out, she is prematured and there's no way we could save her. 

So the doctor said that I was to bring Stephy home and monitor her for one or two days and if she doesn't give birth by these two days, the baby most likely may not survive! I was so devastated and worried that Stephy may suffer depression or may get sick from the baby dying in her, because the doctor said that there would be some form of poisioning happening inside her. FUCK LA, how now? 

Then just as we were about to wrap the ultrasound up, Stephy suddenly yelped. I asked the vet was it her? And he thought it wasn't. It sounded rather like a heart beat. But then suddenly the baby moved position. Then he scanned again and Stephy suddenly pushed the baby up again. Then we stood her up and Stephy seriously yelped really loudly this time and we were like oh fuck, is it a contraction? Then the most disgusting thing happened, the baby came out without the water bag and blood just rushed out of Stephy's vagine *yuck*

The doctors had to cut her placenta for her because the water bag actually raptured inside her tummy - aiyo so worrying this girl! Another bad sign and worry was that when the baby came out, it wasn't really breathing. No noise either! Such a bad sign lor. Then the other doctors (I think there was 5 in the room that time - the he I was mentioning was Dr. Lim CK) rushed to get saline to clean the baby and tried to get the new borns heart to beat. I was in a dilemma - to worry about Stephy's bleeding / placenta or to worry about the new born's survival. Not an easy decision, but the other doctors took the baby out, so it was decided for me - I stayed with Stephy. Then I messaged Stephy's Daddy and told him the possibilities of the baby not surviving, he was really devastated too. 10 minutes later (felt like hours) I texted him, "Congratulations, it's a girl :)" and we were both jumping with joy.

The baby had survived and Stephy is doing well. She even licked the baby when it came back and began to breast feed it. So clever la she! I guess her first experience thought her a lot - good thing! Thanks Fatty and Ally!

Complicated right? The worst part is, the baby isn't a good suckler - so we have to monitor and assist the baby when it wants to be breast fed. But it's okay :) 

So we packed up, left the hospital (the baby was put into a small little box, whilst Stephy walked on her own - yeap, strong girl that one!) and whilst I put the box onto the floor of the car, Stephy kept peeking at the baby *aiyo, such a cute sight, too bad I didn't bring my camera along*, so I brought it up onto the towel Stephy was sitting on, and she started sayanging her. Really made my heart melt! 

All in all, Stephy realized 2 wishes for me and my boo:-
1) I wanted to be a Grandma again and nurse her babies cos I missed it so much! Fatty and Ally just grew too fast and too soon!

2) Stephy's Daddy only wanted ONE baby 

Right smack onto two wishes, my lucky charm this girl.

The girl's will keep you guys entertained and updated with more photos soon.

Thanks for you time!

Signing off,
Proud Grandmama


Diana said...

Oh...that must be a real tiring day for Stephy and the new "grandmama"!! Again, congratulations!!

Jaclyn said...

Thanks!!! :)

Yeah it was a hectic day, but all worth it :D

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