Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Exciting Weekend

Aiks wheres Fatty?

The three of us so look forward to the weekends, cos that's when Mummy and Daddy spends most time with all of us and we get their full attention then (except for Daddy, cos he is always still thinking about work or busy running here and there due to work related stuff - but regardless, we still love u loads)


So last Sunday, Daddy drove us to Ikano Power Center (with Mummy of cos) so that we can go for our oh so weekly teeth brushing session with Uncle Adrian at the Pet Lover's Center.

I like Uncle Adrian A LOT cos he is so nice to us and so gentle too :D

Little did we know, that we have secret admirers/fans.. *LOL* when Mummy went downstairs to drop her shoes to fix (yeap, i chewed on her shoes again.. Sorry mummy! I can't help it, i'm pregnant and my hormones are raging!) Daddy brought us to scout for treats cos we are good girls for letting Uncle Adrian do his job properly, whilst walking around, we were shocked because there was a squeal and some pretty girl called all our names - Stephy, Fatty and Ally..

How smart of her! She actually recognized us and it made Daddy so proud and it also makes us feel like superstars *puts on shades* So glam! :D Note to Daddy: we are much more popular than you because of our blog, we didn't have to appear in the newspapers like you and we get recognitions and u dont! Hehehe *neh neh ni boo boo*

After all the compliments, we were headed to Desa Parkcity for our weekend walks, BUT it rained on us! *so sad* I thought i needed some walk because i'm gaining some pounds due to my pregnancy *goddamnit* and i oh so miss my walks - although i'm walking a much slower pace now.. But it's okay, we got to chill at Coffee Bean, and i shared some Caesar Salad with Mummy and Daddy *yummilicious* Makes up for missing out on the walk..


Then we bumped into Miki and Ubi Kentang at Coffee Bean - oh btw, Coucou came along too! So nice! Feels like a mini gathering on its own, it really made my day..

Here's some pictures of me and my naughtykins..

Ally sitting on Daddy's lap...

Hehehe... looking cute.

Ohh here's one of Fatty doing a jump shot!


Princess Stephy


Yvonne said...

omg... UBI KENTANG is potato loh...not french fries loh...

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