Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Robo Dog / Plastic Dog...

Hi all!

As you know everyone talks about fashion and styling (something that mummy helps uncle joe do occasionally)..,,,

Well let me show you a few pictures on how i accessorise myself..

Firstly i use the plastic cover like a skirt.. So nice right?? See thru and can still see the beautiful colors of my fur and also my nice bum and fluffy tail.. *smirks*

Let me show u what else u can do with the plastic..


It can be like a shield from the sun and rain when i cover it up to my eyes.. A bit like a cap (the black thing that daddy uses all the time - minus the Y3.. Dunno why got that also, i think mine more canggih)

*ps: JD and Max: canggih means high tech! :D

Then it can also be like sunglasses.. See how it makes my eyes look so blue?? Nice right??

I think i make a pretty good stylist that recommends good value for money to all the doggies out there..

Let me try and make this fashion post a regular one.. *eg: fashion wednesday? Then maybe my other paw pals like Santa or JD and Max can also come up with some fashion post and tips to share too.. Let me know your feedback...

*wags tail*
I'm getting pretty excited as i type..
This would be very FuNnNnNnNnnnn!!
Do give me some feedback on wut u think ;P

Luv luv
Fatty bumbum :D

Pps: it can also function as a blankie.. Good night all! *yawn*

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