Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A New Toy?

Today Daddy brought us for a little kai kai drive drive session... We went quite a distance, somewhere downtown - Mummy says its called KL, and we saw many funny looking people - ugly men were dressed like pretty ladies trying to ask for something...

But then Daddy said the shop was not opened yet - so we turned back to PJ, and there was this place with many many people and many many stalls - Mummy said its called the 'pasar malam'. I really dont care what its called - as long as there are many people to bark at!!!

Daddy got off the car and then went to buy something... He was buying it especially for grandmama, cos he said grandmama loves it a lot. I miss grandmama - although I havent seen her for awhile - only Stephy stayed over at Daddy's... I couldnt go cos I bit grandmama the other day, but I still like her cos she gives me lots of treats!

Anyways, Daddy returned with some funny looking 'toy'... Poor Ally even banged right into it... ouch!!!

Even the older Stephy never see before...

...and then Daddy opened it up, ohh... Ally went for a quick check.. apparently it smells nice!

Stephy did her routine check too - yes it does smell nice!!!

...and soon after, Stephy was wondering what it was..

Mummy made Ally pose with the 'toy'... I think she poked herself on it quite a bit...

...but my little sister was not feeling the pain... hehehehe...

...and she also wondered what it was...

...and then Daddy opened it up further...

Ohh... its like KONG, the toy that JD and Max loves - it has treats inside!!!

But thats quite a painful looking toy isnt it?

But Daddy was eating the treats inside... he did let me smell... oooo yummyzzz!!!

Yeah... it does smell good... I wonder how it taste like?

"Daddy... can I have some?"

He let me smell further.... and I managed to get a little lick! YUMMYZZZ!!!

But Mummy said we cant eat it - cos its very heaty!

..if we eat it, we will fall sick.... "AS IF!"

I think Daddy is just not sharing his treats with us... Mmmmphhh!!!

Maybe next time eh?



JD and Max said...

Hi girls - that looks like a complicated Kong! We'd find it a bit of a tease if we weren't allowed to eat from it though! Tail wags - JD and Max.

Eric said...

Its called a durian - generally a tropical fruit found in Malaysia and Thailand - not sure if you can find it in UK though.


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