Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our 100th101TH Post!!!

After close to 9 months of blogging, we finally have our 100th post (it's a great achievement considering the fact that our Daddy and Mummy are both so busy working and traveling around - without us!!!) *happy tail wags and jumps* Ohh wait... since Stephy hijacked the blog... this is actually the 101th post... hehehehe....

So for this post it's definitely going to be something special!

Stephy: Being the oldest, let me hijack again.... and first show you another sneak preview of a photo of me and my dear mummy at the photo shoot. It's not so clear but like a silhouette of me and mummy kissing.

Can you feel the loving aura between the both of us? I betcha Daddy can't wait to marry mummy and take lovely shots like this together with the both of us.
Also to all my fans, don't forget to contact me when you need any doggies for photo shoots because i'm such a well-behaved girl :D
Fatty: Yeah yeah so nice! Wish we were in there too but too bad mummy only brought Stephy because she said Stephy is the only one that is so well behaved. *hmph*

Anyway here's a picture of my darling mummy! :)

Ally: Where's Daddy????

Hehe anyway, as you guys know mummy just got home from Bali and she storied us and said that there are lots of doggies in Bali - not the good breed one like us, but those mixed ones that are very pitiful (because people mistreat them and pour hot water to scald them and such).

Really hate those inhuman idiots!

And she said that it's so scary to drive on the roads in Bali, because the doggies are like they are in a trance and cross the road whenever they want to and in a really slow pace and are not bothered about the cars at all. So scary! Mummy keeps screaming in the car when Uncle Kenny was driving because she was so afraid that they will get hit - even the chickens are road kill.

Question: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Answer: To get to the other side and chillex with its friends :D

So kesian!
*To JD and Max kesian is actually a Malay word that means pitiful

Mummy said it was very stressful because she doesn't want anything to happen to those poor unloved and uncared for dogs - especially not after that road kill accident Uncle had with the stupid idiotic car that bearing the number plate: ran him over and took his life.

Btw, it was Uncle's birthday on Wednesday (3rd June 2009), he would have been 5 years old and had a jelly cake for his birthday :(

A little old photo from his 1st birthday...

Anyways, off with the sad and emo ranting... But mummy said doggies are allowed at the beaches in Bali! She saw 2 beautiful Siberian Huskies and took picture with one of them. She said they smelled just lovely and all she wants to do is hug them and we are all so jealous!!!

Look at its eyes! So beautiful - we want them too!

*PS: JD and Max - Bali should be another place that you should be looking forward to go too! Tell your humans to bring you there to watch the beautiful sunset!

Mummy said she will post more photos on Bali if you want to see them :)

Also, you can go to Seminyak and visit the doggie shop called Dog Tails that has lots of nice and funky things - make sure they get you guys a shirt each as souvenirs (so must drop by!!!). Mummy said the ladies in the shop were really polite, nice and super helpful, which was why she spent 545,000 Indonesian Rupiah there on us.
Hehhee... so many nice stuffs for cute doggies like us!!!
Daddy translates that to RM 545,000 - what a con man! If that's true, I think mummy would come back with containers loaded with dog food and pretty things for us! *growls at Daddy*

Ohh... not forgetting, we wanna wish JD get well soon - he got stung by a bee...

Okay... I think that should be good enough for the 101th post... we're gonna do some 'reminiscing old times' posts soon too...

Take care my darling fans,

Fatty + Ally + Stephy.


JD and Max said...

Wow - your mummy sure is beautiful. We know we're not coming to KL - our humans have decided to abandon us and visit alone(humph!!) - but we wish we were going as we'd love to give your pretty mummy a big snuggle! We love learning about your country through your blog, thanks for all the local tit-bits that you include for us!

JD is feeling a lot better thanks - he figured out a few weeks ago when he strained his paw than whenever he limped he got a biscuit. Well, even though he was stung on his LIP he started limping again - hmmmm, suspicious! He he he! Us doggies are not dumb!

Tail wags - JD and Max.

Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

Congratulation!!!!!! on the 100th post and also to your pawrents. They getting married soon?? Will you guys be the best man or bridemate?? Your mommy is so bootiful!!!

and congrat to Stepy for being a mother!!!

Eric said...

hehehehe Stephy is already a mother....

mother to Fatty and me... hehehe...

n now... mother to... dunno who. No name yet.

Yes... when our parents get married, we shall all be bridemaids... hehehe...


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