Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mummy & Daddy's Dinner.

So it turns out that Daddy is super busy - and didnt really take Mummy out to some ravishing dinner last night. Hehehe instead, they went to this place called CHAMPS at Centrepoint... Best part is... THEY BROUGHT ME ALONG!!!!!

Hehehe... if it was Ally, she would be shorter than the table!

See... I'm actually quite talll!!!

Happy Anniversary Daddy & Mummy!!!!!

Oops... I moved!

Hehehehe dont bother scrolling down... Fatty & Ally didnt tag along. Hahahaha...



JD and Max said...

Gosh - you ARE a lucky girl Stephy! Apart from the odd pub or two there aren't any places in the UK we've found that dogs are allowed into, unless they're working dogs (guide dogs, etc). We hope your mummy and daddy had a great anniversary. Tail wags - JD and Max.

Captain Nemo said...

Hi cute Stephy - you look like you had a great time. :) Hope your mummy and daddy had a nice time too! Nemo

Jimbo said...

Hi Stephy, I've wandered over here from JD and Max's page. You're a cutie and so are Fatty and Allie. Congratulations to your Mummy and Daddy!

:) Jimbo.

Eric said...

hehehe hey thanks!

Yes I did have a good time... hehehe... generally they dun allow us at all here in Malaysia - hence its really very difficult to go out and have a little nice drink even!

I'm so happy that this post of mine got 3 comments within hours... hehehe...


Captain Nemo said...

Hi Stephy - well, a cute girl like you is going to get comments you know! Glad it made you happy though, I enjoy it when you post.



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