Sunday, July 19, 2009

Like Mummy Like Daddy...

We always wondered the reason whenever we did anything funny there is always a comparison to Mummy or Daddy..

So we thought that it would be awfully funny if we listed the things that we did that could imitate our actions as similar to our parents.. Lol..

Stephy loves to eat, like Daddy


Fatty loves to go kai kai, like Mummy

*Daddy hurry! Lesgooooooo!!!!!*

Ally is very whiny, like Daddy

*Why did my elephant move?!?!? Who touched it??!?!?*

Stephy loves to exercise, like Mummy

Fatty is very ferocious, like Mummy

*whooooopssss* wrong photo.. hehehe that doesn't justify me as being ferocious.. I guess mummy and daddy prefers me the friendly side rather, so they can't find any nice angry photos of me to post up.. :I

Ally is annoying, like Daddy

*Daddy... Daddyyyyy... DAdddyyyYYyYYyY!!!! I want MorEeReEREEeEeeee*

Stephy is lazy, like Daddy

*hehehe and so it ALLY!!!*

Fatty is very cheeky, like Mummy

*nehhhhh now you can take picture with my cute face in the frame tooo!*

Ally is always seeking for attention, like Daddy

*Mummmy, don't take picture without me ok? Or i'll just keep coming :P*

Stephy is a poser, like Mummy


Fatty is cute, like Mummy

Ally is always nosy, like Daddy

Stephy farts A LOT, like Daddy


Fatty is greedy, like Daddy

Last but not least...

Ally is fussy, dunno like who!?!?! :D

*smells* Is that Blackwood? Or Science Diet? Or Avoderm? Wassit? If it's either one of them, i refuse to eat my food!! *hmph*


Hope you had fun reading this post that is filled with pictures elaborating our various attitudes and behaviours..


The Schnauzer Girls


Greyscale Territory said...

What a great collection of photos showing every mood and attitude! Very entertaining!

Sandy Kessler said...

cutest ever sandy

Sylvia K said...

Yep, this is my kind of blog SCHNAUZERS!!! like ME! And you're cute as me! Sure would like to spend a day playing with you guys!

Sam Schnauzer

JD and Max said...

Hi girls - what a great post! We loved looking at all your photos, very funny too! Aw, little Ally get annoyed that someone moved her elephant - he he he! And Fatty muscling into the photo of mummy and daddy - too cute! And Stephy drooling over that milkshake - lovely! We give this post 8 paws up - terrific! Tail wags - JD and Max.

Captain Nemo said...

Hi girls, great post with fun photos. You really are like your mummy and daddy aren't you?! So cute! Hey - did you ever decide who was to get 'the fourth burger'? BFN - Nemo.

Dianne said...

very very cute girls!!

Eric said...

Greyscale - thanks!

Sandy - thanks also!

JD and Max - hehehe... yeah Ally gets very annoyed when someone moves her elephant. Plus, Stephy drools over anything edible!

Nemo - hehehe the burger situation is.. errmm... we shall announce the results by this week. Hehehe...

Dianne - thanks!!!!!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Beautiful shots here! Lovely family-

NB said...

Cute! You are all very smiley schnauzers! :)

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