Monday, July 13, 2009

Our New Wardrobe.

Do you know what is this?

Are these Mummy's clothes?????

Nah... they are all OURS!! Whilst JD and Max posted of their sofas, we are posting on our CLOTHES and WARDROBE!!!

Mummy was cleaning up her wardrobe beause she was complaining that she was lack of space for her own clothes.. So when she gathered all our clothes together and piled them on the bed, oh my! That's plenty, so not funny!

Mummy just realized that we actually DO have lots of clothes.. *cross fingers* that she will stop buying us more and torturing us by making us wear them..

Ps. Btw mummy said we will be having a fashion shoot soon to display the clothes that we have.. Hehe...

I think there are a number of them that we have grewed out of.. Like me in my super tiny winnie the pooh shirt.. I'm kinda so fat now that it creases! Lol!

So she had to add another basket to her cupboard and gave us our very own closet space.. How cool is that?? We feel like such grown ups..

Pps: look at me posing for the public to see how much space we actually have.. If only it was a cupboard full of treats, by jolly we will be jumping with joy rather than the latter..

Ally: Yayyyy we have our OWN drawer for clothes.. How cool is that??

Mmm... oops how do I get down?

Mummy!!! Mummy!!! Help me down pls!!!!

Here's more pictures of our wardrobe!

See the shirt on the right? The schnauzer shirt is super nice!!!!!!!


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SaSa said...


JD and Max said...

Good GRIEF!! We're ..... almost speechless!!

But not quite, he he he! But I suppose we can't say TOO much since we have such a fine collection of cushions and beds. But we think you beat us PAWS down on the collectables front!

Tail wags - JD and Max.

PS - we hope you don't mind but we've posted a link to your blog at 'Pet Pride' - we wanted to send more voters over your way, he he!

magiceye said...

hey stephy fatty and ally! it sure is great to have you guys on board! am sure with your enthusiasm we will have lotsa fun! do visit the others and get to know them!

Pet Pride

Captain Nemo said...

Well now girls - here is the dilema. If one of you has TWO burgers then one of you might not be able to fit into any of those clothes ;) It's a new dilema for you! BFN - Nemo.

Eric said...


Sasa - get more for carrie lah...

JD and Max - wait til you see our collection of toys, towels as well as beds!

Bozo - yup we will check it out.

Nemo - hehehe thats why I think I might just sacrifice myself - no more clothes for me then, but 2 burgers.


SaSa said...

uhh.........Carrie dun likes to wear clothes, i bought few for her but all only wore once, not more than 10 minutes -_-'' cos she pretend to be a statue for the whole 10 minutes, until my mama beh tahan and take out the clothe.

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